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Fervent Roze – ‘Every Other Girl’

Fervent Roze is a two-piece rock/pop band based in Dallas, Texas. As students at Tarleton State University, the band formed in 2012, and played at local bars, expanded regionally into the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton scenes, and won a Battle of the Band at Wits End in Dallas in 2014. To date, they have done five national tours and recently released their new full-length album, Charm & Wit.

One of the highlights of the Charm & Wit album is the single, “Every Other Girl.” The production is top-notch, consisting of a hybrid arrangement of both acoustic and electronic elements. With PJ Ramirez on lead vocals, the stellar vocal production enhances a high-level performance, further complemented by catchy background vocals. The counter-melodies played by the horn section on the chorus provide the perfect balance to the melody and hard-hitting groove.

"So you know you got me tripping over myself so you know you got me here catching my breathe so you know I never had a problem with game but you're not the same as every other girl."

The song’s lyrics are playful and relatable to listeners. They tell the classic story of a guy in a bar whose attention is fixated on one particular girl. She is surrounded by a group of friends, and the guy must find the courage to approach and talk to her.

“Every Other Girl” by Fervent Roze is the definition of good songwriting, performance, and production. The band has a high level of musicianship, and a unique sound. With this song, Fervent Roze pushes pop music in a good direction.

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