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Focus Your Audio - 'Shades'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Shades” begins with delicate acoustic guitar stating the hook with electric guitar playing complementary lines. After the intimate vibe of the song is set, the expressive vocals by Sarah McArthur enter the first verse along with bass, and a four to the floor kick drum part while acoustic guitar continues playing the hook, and the electric guitar plays delicate fills in between vocal phrases.

The character of the song begins to change once the song hits the chorus and toms are added to the drum part. Adding energy, the acoustic guitar begins accenting the up beats to give the song motion. In addition, the electric guitar lingers in the background with a resonating drone; background vocals are added as well. This exquisite arrangement gives the song width.

Coming out the chorus, new colors and textures continue to develop. The groove continues to drive while the guitar moves into the mid ground and plays a staccato eighths part that travels through the verse and your soul. The song begins to open further, ramping up dynamically for the bridge. Although subtle, the tambourine part plays a small, yet mighty role in the overall arrangement on the bridge. After one final chorus, the song ends by stripping down to vocals, electric guitar, and a cymbal hit that trails off. Demonstrating the true meaning of artistic nuance, Focus Your Audio deliver a deeply moving and intelligent musical experience.

The lyrics in “Shades” are meaningful and tell a story. Working together with the melody, the lyrics evoke emotion, allowing listeners to connect with them. The lyrics “I come from, a million ways” and “I come from, shades away” are poignant and help craft a memorable chorus.

“Shades” by Focus Your Audio is a well written song performed by a high caliber musical duo. With their songwriting talents, Focus Your Audio has crafted a simple, yet powerful melody that serves as the perfect vehicle for the song’s lyrics. With a fantastic arrangement, this song has the complete package of what a listener needs to experience and enjoy this musical masterpiece.

About Focus Your Audio

Hailing from Vancouver, Focus Your Audio is the wildly talented duo made up of Bobby McAloney and Sarah McArthur. Their music encompasses and embraces the best parts of folk, Americana and rock and roll. Sarah’s rich and passionate vocal performance is perfectly supported by Bobby's stellar musicianship. Their undeniable chemistry is heard and felt throughout their songs.

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