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Francesca Londono – "Call Me For A Final Illusion"

Review by April Kranz

Francesca Londono may be a newer artist on the scene, but her funk-inspired beats and soft-spoken vocals feel classic in their execution. The third single in her roster, Call Me For A Final Illusion, has the lyrical content of a dream-pop fantasy and the instrumental feel of a nearly 2000's RnB track. That can be partly attributed to the Londono's producer and engineer Aldo Callejas, whose fundamental understanding of the song's context makes it feel fresh, vibrant, yet dark and introspective all the same.

Nevertheless, it's the source material that the producer can shape into a desirable groove. Londono describes the song as "… two people being each other's type on paper, but once they got to meet each other they realized they had nothing in common and there wasn't a connection between the two of them. Moral of the song is that looks can't really make you like a person, it's the connection you have with them that really counts."

The message becomes clearer on even just the first listen:

"We're illusive fonts

of our unrequited love

Thinking we're the ones

but there's no future for us."

Other lyrics aren't as straightforward; acid visions of candy skies and peanut butter rain aren't as concrete as the chorus, but that's because we get a peek into the dream world of Londono's artistry and infatuation. The instrumentation does a great job of reflecting this: what starts as a solid, RnB beat unfurls into a chill, LoFi-esque ballad by the end. If someone were to tell me the songwriting was inspired by Kali Uchis, I'd 100% believe it based on the format and direction of the progression. Say what you will, but I believe that to be a testament to Londono's firm grasp on modern songwriting techniques. In short, the track is catchy, grounded while exploring fantasy, and a song I may even find in my rotation for the next few weeks.

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About Francesca Londono

Francesca Londono is an 18-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer from Miami, Florida. Francesca was classically trained in Opera at the young age of 6. She later started playing classical piano shortly after. Francesca wrote her first song at the age of 10 after her father had passed away. To her, It was the most significant moment of her life. Discovering a way to deal with her emotions, thoughts, and stories in her head, write them down on paper, and turn them into a song. Francesca attended "Idyllwild Arts Academy," an arts boarding high school in Idyllwild, CA, where she did her last three years of high school and majored in songwriting. There, Francesca wrote hundreds of songs and devoured skills and knowledge on Topline, Music Business, Marketing, & Synch for Film/TV. She also picked up a guitar and started experimenting with Production.

Francesca loves to incorporate the melancholic music sounds and mix them with dreamy, airy vocals and haunting harmonies. Francesca loves to write songs about the different stories that her mind writes out. She graduated there with an artistic diploma in songwriting. Francesca furthered her musical studies at Berklee College of Music, majoring in Music Production & Engineering. While studying, she met and formed her band "Retrograde88", a dream-pop band from Boston, MA. She has met and collaborated with many talented artists at Berklee. Francesca is releasing a new single on December 30th called "Violent Breakfast." Be on the lookout for this dreamy tune.

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