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Frederick Moore - 'Beautiful Monster'

Beautiful Monster – Frederick Moore

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Frederick Moore's grew up in a struggling factory town where he attended Catholic school. The confining nature of his upbringing influenced his decision to leave at age 17. Through gigging, singing, songwriting, and playing bass, he moved out as quickly as he could landing in LA where he received regular exposure and airplay on KPFK, KCSN, and KXLU. With a Masters degree, Moore teaches literature and has released 10 albums. His music combines composition and literature for a unique and fascinating musical experience. His latest 8 track album, American Pentimento, extends the familiar structure of rock music adding chamber, orchestral and literary elements.

Off the album, "Beautiful Monster," is captivating.The song expands itself from a typical rock song into a theatrical and mesmerizing musical landscape that will hold your attention from start to finish. Frederick begins with the story with melodic piano, distorted crunchy guitars and solid percussion with intricate rhythms setting an almost eerie vibe that draws you in.

After the stage is set, the instrumental arrangement lightens allowing space for the vocals to take the spotlight as they begin telling the addictive story of a man who is perhaps stalking a woman or obsessed with her. The story is a mystery and up for your interpretation. Is this man a creeper or is his infatuation harmless? Is the Beautiful Monster the man or is it the obsession?

“On the morning train She sits just like a princess He lingers just a moment more Beautiful Monster.”

As the story unfolds, the instrumental arrangement ebbs and flows guiding your emotions by creating suspenseful moments with huge dynamic changes that draw your ear. The undoubtedly intriguing arrangement truly keeps listeners engaged in the lyrics. The composition achieves intrigue not only by setting the tone, but through rhythmic phrasing like switching to a bar of 3/4 instead of 4/4 to help drive the intensity forward.

With a unique prog rock sound, “Beautiful Monster” from Frederick Moore is a record you’ll want to experience for yourself. Offering something for the musician's ear and the literary mind, Fredrick Moore writes small novels set to complex and engaging musical compositions that sound familiar, fresh, and fascinating all at once.

For more information on Frederick Moore, please visit his website.


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