• Bryon Harris

Freerunner - 'One At Heart'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“One at Heart” is an unbelievably smooth and engaging artistic statement. This is music that wins you over instantly and continually ups the ante. An ultra-slick rhythm track sits perfectly underneath an emotionally rich harmonic progression. The lead vocal on this track seems to soar through the air. All elements converge to create a whirlwind of pleasing sounds.

Lyrically, “One at Heart” is courageous and encouraging. “Who knows what the future holds, But with you, I will walk arm and arm.” This is exactly the message of unification that the world currently needs. “I plan to plant a seed collaboration see what grows could be a brighter future but who knows.” This lyrical call to action is elevated by its phenomenal musical accompaniment.

“One at Heart” has it all: an ultra-catchy chorus, commanding lead vocals, an expressive and rhythmic flow verse, and a masterful guitar solo. Production values, which are sky high, support the elegant beauty of the song’s melody and chord progression. There is so much to love about “One at Heart” that its difficult to identify a favorite element...you’ll just have to listen and take your pick. Connect on Facebook

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About Freerunner

Throughout the course of their musical union, Todd Siff and Matt Live of Freerunner have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. After meeting in Austin, Texas at their apartment's front gate, they have performed at a variety of venues and made countless public appearances all the while recording new songs. Since adding drummer Rich Baur, bassist Gene Douglas, and synth/percussionist Jamal Knox, this talented Stadium rock band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike.


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