• Bryon Harris

Gobbana - "OOPS"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“OOPS” is a bangin’ and poppin’ Hip-Hop jam that features a strong beat and confident lyrics. The backing track brings a nice emotional element with interesting synthetic sounds and a really strong low-end bass. This could almost be an EDM song, the synth sounds are really well crafted and are emotive. This is the kind of song that will inspire you to get out of bed when you’re feeling low, and it’ll feel perfect while riding around the city with friends. Gobbana has created a hip-hop track that flaunts catchy hooks and impressive flow.

Lyrically, Gobbana is rapping about overcoming past struggles as he is clearly now thriving with success. His success is expressed with clever rhymes and fun imagery that really showcases his confidence. The track is undeniably cool and Gobbana’s flow is a huge part of that.

“If you hear I’m going broke that’s a fluke, just be throwing money up I make all my money puke.”

Gobbana also reflects on letting go of toxic people in your life so that you may properly grow and live happily. He expresses this idea with a fun and unique metaphor.

“Fertilizer I’m the shit, I’m the poop, if that bitch don’t help you grow cut her off by the root.”

The instrumental backing track brings the heat and attitude to “OOPS” and it’s really powerful. The synth sounds have a perfect balance of being “tough” sounding but are also bright and relaxing. These sounds bring the summer vibe. Contrasting the light and sunny sound of the synths is the low-end which is incredibly full and bold. It really mirrors Gobbana’s boisterous attitude. Gobbana’s voice is rich and lively. Auto-tune is tastefully used here on certain words, which acts as a clever way to accent certain phrases and to add sonic variety to his voice. “OOPS” is a simultaneously chill and powerful Hip-Hop jam that you’ll be playing over and over all summer long.

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About Gobbana

The world needs a Philly rapper from the projects. One who influences us all with the tenacity and maturity to talk about solutions rather than a stagnant rapper complicit with their complaints. Gobbana utilizes eloquent lyricism, visceral melodic lines, and witty punchlines over a dancy, modernized trap/rap sound to communicate his message of empowerment. Opening for Migos and K-Camp, creating an award-winning stage play to improve college retention rates, modeling, constructing a fashion line, hosting a radio show, and educating at schools solidifies his mark on the world.

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