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goers Feat. Charisse - 'Is It Love'

Written by Reviewer Victoria Scott & Staff

"Is It Love ” explores a deeper perspective on love and a passion between two people, a connection beyond question, along with the roadblocks of social norms and personal acceptance. Produced by goers featuring Charisse, "Is it Love" is a modern, hypnotic, soul, and electronic-beat pop song that conveys the story of an uncovered bond of love.

Featured musician and songwriter Charisse, with her sultry and luxurious vocals, unveils the true feeling of love for a woman and the frustrations that arise when the women can’t confront her own emotions. Her performance is mesmerizing.

The production and instrumentation illuminate the scene by adding ambient bells, melodic synthesizer, deep synth bass, and vibrant effects. “Is it Love” acknowledges that a connection between two people is real and that toying with someone’s emotions will only last until the honesty comes to light.

“Holding me close / Zipping me up into your jacket, but you’ll never love me because I’m a lady / So why call me baby / Why sleep in my bed / Why you driving me crazy.”

Charisse has formulated an iridescent landscape of lyrical lines and melodies. The radiant sounds of synthesizer and ambient effects from goers's instrumentation blend perfectly with Charisse’s lyrics. Both artists are creative and original musicians, who demonstrate polished abilities to build emotion and engage listeners.


About goers

goers is a producer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has, through influences in Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, Oldies, Folk, Rock, Electronic and World music, curated an interesting niche in the music world which can be described as World, Hip Hop, Electronic.

Wanderlusting woodwinds in the air and boom blap under foot, echoing voices in the wind and meditative beats emanating from the backbone. goers has a background producing and engineering.

Soul searching and curious, goers strives to provide the rhythm for a lifestyle. Looking out of the window while traveling through foreign lands, what are you going to listen to? Something deeper, something fulfilling, something full of wonder and mystery. In a world where there is so much unknown, maybe we can find some solace in a song that takes us around the world while having the rhythmic familiarity that keeps heads nodding.


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