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Goin’ Down South – ‘Preacher Got a Gun’

By Matt Wong & Staff

“Preacher Got a Gun” begins with a rough, yet intense, and full of character guitar riff. It is then joined by a driving groove from the drums, and bass, in turn followed by a second guitar part. After an energetic intro, the vocals enter on the first verse while the infectious groove continues to anchor the song down, with all the parts glued together by the tasty guitar riff. In between each verse is a head turning harmonica hook, which takes over from the vocals and leads the band in a fiery instrumental interlude. While the arrangement remains consistent for most of the song, the final verse features licks from the second guitar part that complements the signature riff, as well as background vocals in a call and response scenario with the lead vocals.

The lyrics in “Preacher Got a Gun” paint a picture of, and describe the fragile minutes in which a respected man of the cloth crosses over and becomes a threat to those he normally provides spiritual guidance to. Through imagery, listeners can picture themselves in the midst of the action with lyrics such as “Down go the moon, up come the sun. Look out everybody, preacher got a gun.”

“Preacher Got a Gun” by Goin’ Down South is a fantastic song, featuring an impressive performance by a top notch band. While the song is arranged minimally, the song’s foundation is the perfect canvas for the band’s jaw dropping instrumental and vocal abilities, which translates to pure, and raw energy in their performance. Combine this with their excellent songwriting, and you have a band with a unique sound that listeners should run, not walk to check out.


About Goin' Down South

Goin Down South is John Liggett (lead vocal, guitar, harmonica) and Reverend Brian Mickey (drums, backing vocal, percussion). The Chicago blues rock band formed in 2013 and have since released four full length CD’s. On their latest album, Preacher Got A Gun, the duo is joined by session veteran Robert Mickey (guitar) and ex-Koko Taylor and Melvin Taylor band member Ricky Levi Nelson (bass). Steeped in traditional deep blues and brought up to date with a focus on hill-stomp trance blues, Goin’ Down South plays folk magic hoodoo music. Goin’ Down South will be promoting Preacher Got A Gun with a string of regional shows this Fall. Off the album, the song "Boomtown" is the perfect way to get acquainted with the band's sizzling talent.

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