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Grafted Culture-'Tin Roof'

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Tin Roof” is bold and experimental. The sonic textures are intricate and unique. There is a simmering energy on this track that is delightful and fresh. Ethereal and spiritual, this is music that will take you to another dimension. Listener’s will love the engaging and eccentric vocal styles as well as the word-music instrumentation. The overall sound of this song is cinematic and gripping. A total steamroller of a song.

Lyrically, “Tin Roof” is like an ecstatic dream. Poetic and intense, these lyrics will float gently into your subconscious. “my guess is worth as much as yours for little both we know.And Dear on a journey, call a budding flower out.” These lyrics are delivered with a ghostlike whimsy.

The arrangement of “Tin Roof” is well-crafted and deliberate. The use of sitar and digeridoo pays dividends, creating a huge sonic texture which elevates the song. The courageous construction of this music gives it a special feeling. Hand percussion and chantlike vocal hooks will take listeners to another place. “Tin Roof” is a fantastic musical journey, a wild and mystical ride.

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About Grafted Culture

As Grafted Culture continues the journey down life's winding path, the music travels with them and gives a voice to the experiences. When the two sisters, Gabriëlle and Michaëlle come face to face with life's adventures, hardships and hidden secrets, they look to find a way to capture it all in their music.

Having traveled and lived in many diverse cultures, they have applied the musical gifts that they received from those cultures into their own sound. With the musical influences of bamboo pipes in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Dutch Folk music of their native home, the Blues, Rock and Jazz discovered in the United States, and the many other hidden languages they have discovered in music all around the globe, they have tried to incorporate it all in their tales. The young ladies are quickly gaining recognition as their unique harmonies create a magical chemistry on stage and their gentle natures are enjoyed offstage.

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