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Greg Hoy - 'Here Comes the Light'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Here Comes the Light” is an engaging, intelligent work of art. Indie-charm is on full display in this song with a sound that creates a personal and intimate connection with listeners. An impressive level of energy is achieved through controlled expressions. This is honest, self-aware music that pulls no punches. Eclectic in nature, listeners will be reminded of master songwriters like Jeff Tweedy and Elvis Costello.

Lyrically, “Here Comes the Light” communicates optimism and perseverance. “Here comes the light you never wanted, Spin it round, round, round, round again.” Hoy delivers these lyrics with a cool confidence. “Take comfort in magical thinking, The mast cracks but breaks who knows when.” Hoy has dedicated this song to his daughter, injecting these lyrics with even more poignance.

“Here Comes the Light” is performed brilliantly. Hoy’s vocals are a perfect match for the emotional tone of the music. Big electric guitars and a stunningly intense drum track provide a vehicle for the song’s delivery. A catchy chorus is supplemented with massive back-up vocals while a verse is contained through the layering of shakers and acoustic guitar. Dynamic peaks and valleys in this song are incredibly satisfying. “Here Comes the Light” is an instant classic, the kind of music that you keep coming back to.

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About Greg Hoy From rock to power pop to garage to acoustic, Hoy's released over 30 albums and singles under almost as many names (The Royal Panics, Greg Hoy & The Boys, Hoy, Twice As Bright). His songwriting has been called 'impressive, accomplished indie pop that touches on a wide spectrum of sounds' [Splendid] with 'an excellent voice that's a perfect fit for the tunes he writes' [babysue]

About the heavier stuff, Jack at The Big Takeover says it's about 'big guitars/big riffs/big tunes that prize early Kinks and Who discs' but there's a lot of infectious melody to go around no matter what genre Hoy's shape-shifting into next. Loretta Sweet / SweetSweetSweet

For more information on Greg Hoy, please visit his website.


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