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GRENON - 'Imaginary Friends'

Punk inspired pop-rock band GRENON are a bunch of teenage kids from the middle of rural New Hampshire. The band is comprised of Kacie Grenon (lead vocals/guitar), Nick Turgeon (lead guitar, vocals), Zachary Stone (drums), and Spencer Gregory (bass, keys, vocals). When this group of teens found themselves with too many feelings and no outlet for their angst, they turned their energy and emotions into music. In 2019, ReverbNation selected GRENON to compete in LiveNation’s High School Rock Off at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame where they advanced to the finals. GRENON was also a semi-finalist and opening act for Radio.com's 'We Can Survive Concert' at the Hollywood Bowl. In addition to their Best Video nomination, New England Music Awards honored GRENON with a second nomination for 2019 Best New Act. The band released their debut single Goodbye in 2019 and are currently supporting their latest release, the 5-song EP, mental hell[th]. Off mental hell[th], "Imaginary Friends" will give you a taste of this group's exceptional talent.

"Imaginary Friends" commences with some nostalgic radio static and an announcement about a local homecoming game that adds "your'e sitting at home and you're a loser." After the announcement, the band kicks in with a tight, pop-rock melodic groove for four bars. The sound is upbeat and charged. As the first verse commences, the band lays low and a muted guitar sets the foundation for Kacie Grenon's vocal entrance.

Right off the bat, Kacie's vocals are perfectly heard above the mix. Her tone is clear and silky. When Kacie sings, there's an introspective quality that draws you in. One would almost say there's a tinge of sadness in her voice (at this point) which works very well with the song's lyrics. She starts singing about her Saturday night, wondering if she will be invited to the big game, waiting for a call from a friend. The band soon joins her with a a downbeat on 2 and 4 and arpeggios on an electric guitar.

There is never a dull moment in the arrangement. Next, the pre-chorus drops down to solemn and contemplative piano chords as Kacie sings a very intimate and honest moment in the song:

"Wow I’m such a loner I stand out like a wallflower It’s obvious; there’s obviously something wrong with me ." The chorus then pops like a firecracker with a catchy as hell melody and a great jammin' energy from the band. Other highlights include smooth guitar licks that fit the mix like a glove. Overall the band is flawlessly tight and in the pocket.

"Imaginary Friends" is an anthem for all those high-school kids that feel left out. Guess what? The dreamers, the music makers, the artists, the poets, the scholars, and the kids who don't conform don't need a high-school football game to prove their worth. In fact, bands like GRENON are proof positive that the kids who were left out on a Saturday night might become the greatest contributors to society.

In "Imaginary Friends" GRENON surpasses all expectations with catchy song-writing and a knock-out performance. GRENON just could be the breakout stars of 2020. And to think, it all started with a bunch of teens with bottled up feelings in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire. Major record labels - take notice.

For more information on GRENON, please visit their website.

You can check them out everywhere @Grenontheband.


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