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Groov Marro - "City View"

Review by Abby Kenna

“City View” by Groov Marro and Garf embodies the journey of achieving success. Weaving layers of melodic motifs and syncopated lines, this song is an experience in itself, rewarding and compelling in its powerful arrangement.

“City View” opens into a compelling synth arpeggiation, launching us into a bold introductory chorus. Straight away, the determination in Garf’s voice resonates, setting the tone for this inspirational song.

Groov Marro raps with a unique fluidity as he jumps into the verse, shifting the syncopation between lines with ease. Reverberating ad-libs deliberately echo the important phrases and accentuate the meaning of the lyrics. Halfway through the verse, as Groov Marro says, “A lot of weight on my shoulders / I got a lot to lose”, the tone drastically shifts, and the music responds to this urgency. Suddenly, the punchy drums pull back, and the dynamic arpeggiating synth is replaced by a distorted guitar motif. A sub-bass colors this repeating riff, weaving underneath the guitar to harmonize it with dissonance. Slowly, the arrangement builds back up in layers, embodying the steady climb it takes to reach success.

Returning to the buoyant, arpeggiating synth in the chorus, the bright rise in mood and tone is tangible. After the constant shifts and rhythmic intricacies of the verses, the chorus truly feels like a breath of fresh air - that relief of achieving success that Garf sings of. Using “city view” as a metaphor for being “on top” and finally surpassing all of the hardships that come with life as a musician, Garf sings:

“We looking from the city view though the city’s cold

Made it through these hard streets had to let them go”

The final verse digs into the tension established in the past verse, really pulling the listeners through Groov Marro and Garf’s journey. With a striking sense of persistence, Groov Marro almost spits out the words as he sharply sings:

“They tried to tell us we ain’t it / tell us we ain’t good enough”

“City View” by Groov Marro and Garf is a motivating, animated experience. The arrangement constantly grows and shifts in response to the tone of the lyrics, allowing listeners to genuinely endure the song’s journey. Ripe with honest lyricism, dynamic guitars, and sweeping synth lines, “City View” by Groov Marro and Garf is an impactful song, illustrating the rewarding feeling of success.

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About Groov Marro

Groov Marro was raised in the Philadelphia/Norristown area. Some of his musical inspiration from childhood forward range from Ludacris, jay z, t.i, Eminem, mac miller, Anderson Paak, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, and Joey Badass. Groov Marro stands out among his peers with a very unique style. Whether it be his unique look, his positive/deep yet clever lyrical ability, or his humble yet cocky personality. One thing is for sure is that he is in a lane of his own. Currently serving his 6th year in the US Army National Guard, he juggles working as an American soldier and perusing his full-time career in music. He has performed on multiple stages for multiple companies such as uptown open-mic, Vibe Star Ent, DJ Dior Cartel's Industry Exposure 2, Original Block Hustlers, SB Entertainment, and Spill Music Group LLC just to name a few. Most notably he has performed alongside Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Juda Priest. As a solo artist, he has put together one mixtape called "The Vibe" and has released multiple songs/music video singles!


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