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Hannah Judson - 'Stingray'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Hannah Judson is an internationally touring American singer-songwriter. Her original works explore political, social and personal power, love and loss. Her latest album, "Stingray" presents 8 eclectic songs. The title track swims in healing waters as the song explores recovery after a Narcissistic relationship.

With a few light percussive taps to test the waters followed by a deep drum-roll on the pickup, the upbeat rock song, "Stingray," commences. Power-chord riffs enter creating a driving eighth note groove which is heard throughout the song. The guitar-centered rock sound is grungy and classic with a nostalgic vibe.

Entering on the first verse, Judson's dreamy vocals provide a nice contrast. "Take all the time you need, your'e shot like a Stingray. Target in the water, you were just treading in the sun." Judson's voice floats in the air like a memory whispered in your ear that stays on your mind and in your soul.

Creative background vocals, enhanced by recording effects, add a chill texture. Judson uses her voice like an instrument capitalizing on accentuation and effects to bring out important messages in the song."Everything's alright, because it's o-o-o-old news."

Anyone who has survived a Narcissistic relationship knows the sting of emotional abuse before, during and after the relationship has ended. Stringray explores the healing stage following "the big mess," after the relationship has ended. A bridge section in the song describes the mind's spiral as the music moves into an eerie, psychedelic moment before swimming right back to the surface, returning to the upbeat rock mix.

Judson's "Stingray" is lyrically and musically creative. What starts as a classic, upbeat rock song quickly expands into a musical word painting that uses imagery, storytelling, production effects and vocal nuance to depict complex emotions. The song is never sad or bitter. In fact, it is just the opposite. In the end, the song's reassuring message will make you feel like an elegant sea creature that can glide over any wave or target coming it's way.

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