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Happines Junkies - 'Miss You Like Crazy'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Miss You Like Crazy” is a song by rock duo Happiness Junkies. The song begins immediately with the first verse, with the vocals supported by a guitar playing arpeggios, keys playing pads, and kick and snare drums holding down the song’s slow groove. While the arrangement is fairly bare-boned, the magic behind the song is the bands effective use of effects, guitar processing, and dynamics. In fact, it is its' mesmerizing simplicity that keeps listeners hooked and engaged for the entire song.

The meaning behind the lyrics can be interpreted in two ways. With an initial listen, listeners might interpret the lyrics to be about missing someone. However, with another listen, listeners may find that the song is about missing, and finding the connection with self. Lyrics such as “I know I’m in my head every time we’re disconnected, just need to get aligned” leave room for much interpretation, but the song’s simplicity allows listeners to digest each lyric, and come up with their own idea of their meaning. As the music and lyrics wash over you, emotion takes center stage.

“Miss You Like Crazy” is an evocative and thought provoking piece of songwriting. With this song, Happiness Junkies demonstrate a high level of mastery of their instruments. In addition, they’re sense of innovation is evident by their exploration of the sonic capabilities of the instruments, the development of a unique sound, poetic lyrics and moving vocals.


About the Happiness Junkies

Happiness Junkies are from the Amsterdam area... they are a duo with electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox & a rhythm box... described as dreamy melancholic rock... creating a slow-beat in a fast world

What if... with just female vocals, piano and electric guitar you sound like a band What if... piano and electric guitar parts somehow entwine What if... the simple beat of a drum machine supports just right What if... you turn the tempo down to a slowbeat and... What if... two band members seem more than enough - they are Happiness Junkies,


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