• Bryon Harris

Happy Curmudgeons - “I Know How You Feel”

Review by Daniel Deprè

“I Know How You Feel” is a song that has a wonderfully natural sound. It thrives in its acoustic nature while creating a strong emotional connection with the listener. The acoustic guitar is so bright and well mixed and it’s perfect for being the beating heart of this sentimental song. This song feels like a mix of folk and country music and listening to the song makes me imagine being by a campfire out in a place like Joshua Tree. The song has a beautiful sense of openness, and it allows it to be very approachable.

The lyrics are like open arms of love to anyone who is down and going through a tough time. Specifically, lyricist and vocalist Jeff Warner is referring to getting over the end of a relationship. A breakup can lead to a whirlwind of emotions, often which are regret while simultaneously trying to move on to the next chapter of your life. Jeff’s vocals call upon these mistakes many people often make while in a relationship, but instead of passing judgement he offers a sense of warmth and understanding. “And you shouldn’t have lied, Oh, you should have tried a little bit harder, you’re in constant misery, If she’s there to confide in for him now, oh, you should have been smarter, Brother, you’re a lot like me”.

The arrangement is decidedly minimalistic, but the instruments still create a fulfilling and satisfying sound. The acoustic guitar has such catchy rhythmic strumming that really breathes life into the track. The acoustic stand-up bass blends so nicely with the acoustic guitar they create a unified sound as if it’s all one instrument. The rhythm of the stand-up bass contrasts nicely with the rhythm of the acoustic guitar so that they create this sort of dialogue between one another. Jeff Warner’s vocals are so smooth and warm, and they sit so comfortably on top of the instrumental support. Warner’s vocals bend and crack, creating a dynamic and emotional performance. In life nobody wants to feel alone, and “I Know How You Feel” is a song that can help a lot of people who are feeling at their lowest, feel a little less alone.

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About Happy Curmudgeons The HappyCurmudgeons are a band of studio musicians from metro Detroit. They released their first album, Meant 2 Be, in 2017. The band is currently working on their second album, 2nd Chances, with their producer - Mark Byerly (from the Bob Seger Band).

The Happy Curmudgeons consist of the core four members - Dave Hamilton (founder), Amy Dixon-Lavery, Jeff Warner and Tumbleweed. The band has brought some other great musicians into the fold while working on songs like 2nd Chances, Jack Russell, and Rustic Glory. Their next album will feature some members of the Bob Seger Band, percussionist Pepe' Espinosa and the original guitarist from Question Mark & The Mysterians - Bobby Balderrama.


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