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Harrison Country - 'Shadow Games'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Harrison Country is a family Americana group from Annapolis, MD., featuring vocalists Don, Karen, and Amy Harrison, and Jennie Harrison Young and Lexi White. Their most recent album, Climate Change, features Maryland Legend Bryan Ewald (guitars, bass, mandolin, keyboards) and Annapolis talents Josh Chapman (bass), Brandon Bartlett (drums), Brad Kimes (drums), Larry Byrne (keyboards, bass, sax) and Aidan Ewald (drums). Hosting a collection of story songs that draw from America’s richest music traditions, Climate Change is a broad Americana music experience you’ll want to hear for yourself.

Right off the bat, Harrison Country allows us a breath of fresh air as “Shadow Games” comes whirling into focus. Bright, uplifting guitar riffs soar above engaging drums and powerfully upbeat chords. With the entry of the first verse of vocals, we are treated to a satisfying, familiar voice full of confidence and country swagger. As the chorus arrives, we see the song as what it is: an expertly produced, epic tale of our society.

The lyrics of “Shadow Games” speak to the glory of our ancestors who got us to where we are, and the diminishing sense of independence in the younger generations of the world. Harrison Country is a master at lyrical writing, as each phrase builds an increasing amount of interest in the listener. Some people are naturally skilled storytellers, and this artist is certainly one of them.

“His father fought for freedom in the mud at Sayler’s Creek, His youngest battled Zeros at twenty thousand feet. His heirs take gender studies, safe at Land Grant U Learn their right to stiff the lender when the bills start coming due, the bills are coming due, the bills are coming due.”

“Shadow Games” arrives at a perfectly crucial time in the world, where those of us who once thought ourselves safe and immune in Western society are now faced with challenges. Harrison Country shows us that while we have our challenges in the world today, our ancestors were fighting off much greater dangers in a time when humans were truly mortal beings. Larger message aside, “Shadow Games” is undeniably catchy and smooth, allowing its upbeat mood to create a fitting sense of false safety. If Harrison Country get the credit this song deserves, “Shadow Games” will be on top of the Americana charts in no time.

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