• Bryon Harris

Hayley Biegel - 'What You Forgot'

Review by Patrick Joseph

“What You Forgot” is a sensitive and comforting song. Airy synth and keyboard sounds create a heavenly sonic texture and set an emotional tone for the vocals. Modern production techniques give the song a very “current” feeling. All instrumental tracks are uniquely processed, combining to create a simultaneously sparse and “ever-present” sound. Biegel's vocals are powerful yet controlled, allowing the lyrical and emotional focal points of the song to shine through.

Lyrically, “What You Forgot” is accepting and nurturing, When you’re sad it’s alright, let the ocean fill you tonight.” This is a song that acknowledges difficult moments while holding an optimistic tone “Tomorrow you may see light, If you don’t you’re not alone.” Biegel's vocal take is youthful but wise, injecting a wistfulness into the lyrics “You’re a wild one… It's ok to be fierce and soft.”

The arrangement of “What you Forgot” supports the song’s narrative perfectly. Dynamics build consistently throughout the tune, reaching a climax before dropping down and bringing the song full circle. Special care and attention went into these subtle builds, using instrumental additions and vocal layering to gradually bring the song to a peak.

Vocal production is extremely well done with background parts layering and weaving into the mix to create a melodic tapestry. Biegel's vocals shine, gently but confidently communicating the song’s message. “What You Forgot” is the inspiring listening experience that you need.


About Hayley Biegel

New York based singer-songwriter Hayley Biegel wants to be real and honest. Whether she’s taking ugly feelings and making them beautifully palatable or mixing genres to get to the root of the song, Hayley creates music that holds up a mirror to her trauma and reflects vulnerability and strength.

Hayley started studying piano at 5 and voice at 12 and continued on to study vocal performance at NYU. Hayley followed up her time in college by performing on New York City stages such as Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall, and Bowery Electric. Her desire to perform pushed her right out of her comfort zone and in front of the mic as the front woman of country band Kickin’ Nash for three years. In 2019 she formed her own band to perform her original music.

Her sound is marked by lush harmonies, fierce belting and candid lyrics that express her experiences as a queer woman figuring out life and hoping to give joy to some people along the way. Her lyrics weave stories about failed love, queer love and navigating your twenties. Vulnerability is at the heart of her piercing voice and powerful belt. With influences like The Chicks, Maggie Rogers, Sara Bareilles, Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, Indigo Girls and Sufjan Stevens, Hayley makes multi instrumental and vocally powerful indie-folk pop music with songs that’ll make you want to dance, smile, and feel.


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