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Heathcote Hill – ‘Save the Ones You Love’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“Save the Ones You Love” is a song by rock/Americana band Heathcote Hill. The song begins with a catchy hook played on electric guitar by Tom Nelson along with acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano, and organ in support. The rich, earthy vocals, sung by Megan Pocaro Herspring enter on the first verse. Megan's vocals are natural and down-to-earth making each sentence she sings easy to relate to.

Strong melodic sensibilities highlight this song and hook you from the start. In addition to having a highly memorable melody that listeners can hum along to, the arrangement features great melodic parts that work together to create an enjoyable listening experience for listeners. With the song being written in verse-verse-bridge-verse form, Nelson’s guitar hook re-enters as an interlude between each section, effectively contrasting the song’s strong melody.

“Save the Ones you Love” was written to highlight the idea that those we choose to love and how we love them are a defining factor in our lives. Lyrics such as “Everywhere I go…troubled hopes and dreams,” and “Good intentions aren’t enough, the cost is only going up” emphasize that there are many hurdles in life, thus one needs to hold those they love close. The lyric that ends each verse, “It’s a wicked world, save the ones you love” is extremely powerful.

"Oh there’s only one way in / Oh there’s only one way out / Save the ones you love."

“Save the Ones You Love” by Heathcote Hill is a beautifully written and performed song. Nelson is a master craftsman of songwriting, and Herspring’s vocal talent perfectly conveys Nelson’s creation. With top notch musicians such as drummer Sammy Merendino, great New York City bassist Steve Count, pianist Rob Arthur, and background vocalist Amanada Homi, the musicianship on this song is undeniably outstanding. Shout out to producer Timonthy M. Hatfield and team on a fantastic recording.

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About Heathcote Hill

Hailing from Mamaroneck New York, Heathcote Hill features vocalist Megan Herspring, and songs by guitarist Tom Nelson. The band has released 4 records in the last 4 years, and our music is currently airing on over 350 college and community radio stations across the US and Canada. The band performs regularly at NY clubs such as Bowery Electric, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Bitter End.


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