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Charles Maring - 'Savannah Sky'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Savannah Sky” at first begins with ominous and atmospheric low tones, which quickly bubble over into a bright and cool sounding song. It has a very slick and slow-moving vibe, creating a sense of being in a dream surrounded by beautiful dark colors. It’s wonderful how hazy “Savannah Sky” is. Everything blends perfectly creating a unique and absorbing soundscape. There is a strong sense of storytelling here as well, it truly feels like a journey from start to finish. Lyrically, Charles Maring is writing about the feeling and energy of Savannah, Georgia. He beautifully captures Savannah with poetic prowess, almost making the city seem like a real human being. A city often can have a presence in our lives much like a person can, and Charles Maring expresses this in his lyrics. “Her and I, in the Tybee Island light, falling in love again, that smile on her face, the crash of those waves, and those, haunting eyes.” He also sings praise for the city of Savannah, reflecting on how it has a unique energy that can only be understood if you’re there yourself. “There’s something about this place, heaven giving way, the alluring Savannah sky.” The instrumentation of “Savannah Sky” cultivates an organic and natural feeling, like something directly pulled from nature. The percussion plays a simple but integral beat, giving the song it’s slow-moving forward motion. The shaker adds a soft but bright texture to the percussion, sitting comfortably in the middle of the mix. Lots of short guitar flourishes are tastefully decorated throughout the arrangement, creating rhythmic and textural variety.

On top o this unique soundscape is Charles Maring’s vocals which have a really nice drawn-out quality. His voice is mixed with just the right amount of lreverb, blending the vocals with the instrumentation. “Savannah Sky” is an ethereal and moving love note to a beautiful city that you are sure to love. Stream on Spotify


About Charles Maring CharlesMaring is an American artist and songwriter creating at the intersections of fine art abstract oil painting, photography, animation, and music. The songs he writes are storytelling often pulling from real life experiences and influenced by love, travel, family, friends, and places lived.

Growing up in the south and spending a lot of his childhood in the Carolina's and Texas, only to find himself as an adult living in Manhattan and New England for many years pursuing his passions, Maring draws on both his country roots and his big city dreams which find their way into his writing style and lyrics. Self taught, and often self produced, he offers a classic sound that weaves together folk, country, and rock to create an a classic Americana sound. Charles currently lives in Savannah, Georgia Connect on Facebook, For more information on Charles Maring, please visit his website.


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