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Hunter and the Wick’d - 'Living on the Fringe'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

You can hear a freewheeling festival woven into the vibe of "Living On The Fringe" and that's exactly what the song was originally composed for, The Hi Desert Fringe Theatre Festival. You may ask, "What is a fringe festival?" Fringe festivals started in Edinburgh and take place all over the world. The best description is a performing-arts smörgåsbord that consists of music, art, theater, and more. With this definition in mind, "Living on the Fringe" takes on more than one meaning. At first glance it's a festival theme song, but a second listen takes you much deeper, to a place in the soul.

"Living On The Fringe" commences with a rustic beat and slightly muted guitar. In contrast to the modern, electric guitar element, the percussion has an ancient and hollow sound. Together, the two instruments create a syncopated and raw groove. A tasty instrumental solo with twangy effects and vocal humming give listeners an engaging interlude section. Muted bass lines add additional rhythmic texture and very well-done vocal harmonies add color. A folk rap section accompanied by improvisational vocalese and muted bass give the song a soulful and theatrical flavor. The musicianship on "Living On The Fringe" provides a sparse, yet strong rhythm section with interesting musical embellishments throughout.

As the musicians play with the groove, Miri Hunter opens with the chorus. "You say I’m living on the fray, I say I’m Living on the fringe." It's the best line in the song and Miri sings it with an understated, cool confidence. She knows who she is and she shines. To live on fray is to live with material struggle. To live on the fringe is to choose to live your own life outside the material world. The chorus is catchy and fun. "Sleeping under the stars I gave it all away I'm out in the desert embracing all I see The world's going to pieces  And I am feeling that same thing."

The vibe to "I'm Living On The Fringe" invites you to sing-a-long, let go of your society expectations, and dance under the stars. In today's world, it's really hard to feel any sense of freedom. Perhaps Hunter and the Wick'd have found that special place where there are no barriers to the soul, on the fringe, under the desert sky and in the expression of their music where life's beauty can be heard and felt all the way to the last note of the song.

About Hunter and the Wick'd

Hunter and the Wick’d is a Southern California based Americana duo. Its members consists of Virginia native, Miri Hunter, and California native, Thom Merrick. Thom and Miri came from varying musical traditions. Thom grew up during the punk music era and Miri trained as a classical pianist.

Their debut album explored contemporary folk music wrapped in desert dreams. Some of their favorite hit songs include “Tumbleweed Connection”, “Dance All Night in California,” and “I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now.”

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