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Ice - "Not Sorry"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Not Sorry” is a slick and confident pop track. Everything slides with such self-assurance it’s hard not to feel your confidence rise as you listen along. It’s nice how the overall vibe remains mellow. The chorus still has enough of a distinctive sound to separate it from the other sections, but it still doesn’t tear too far away from the songs relaxing atmosphere. “Not Sorry’s” minimalistic approach also allows the listener to focus on ice’s poignant and inspiring lyrics.

Lyrically, ice is writing about being confident with oneself and truly loving oneself, despite another who may be trying to tear you down. Often others will project their failings and insecurities onto you, and ice’s lyrics provide a catchy but also important way to block people from truly affecting you.

“And you can’t stand when I tell you, you’re doing it all wrong, I don’t think you understand, Cuz you think you’re so strong.”

When leaving a toxic person behind, it’s best to do so with assurance in yourself and never look back. “And I don’t wanna think about that other shit you said, Cuz baby it’s not your life, and I said what I said, Not Sorry.”

The instrumentation of “Not Sorry” is clean and bright. The guitar is the beating heart of the instrumental track, and it plays a simple but smooth hook throughout. The guitar recording features an interesting layer of sounds, employing a slight chorus style effect that helps it fill the space in the mix a little more. Percussion is well utilized here, bringing in a hi-hat type sound in the chorus gives it a very distinctive layer from the verses and adds to the song's groove. Ice’s vocals are incredibly soft yet also commanding, she sings with a laid-back vibe that is quite soothing. “Not Sorry” is a relaxing and undeniably cool track that will demand your attention from start to finish.


About Ice

Unapologetic; a simple way to encompass the new indie-pop artist ‘ice’. With sixteen years of music behind her, and nearly a decade of writing she is ready to enter the music industry with a bang. Drawing on influences from dark pop, psychedelia, and alt-rock she created her six-track debut EP ‘Fabricated'. She can be recognized by her distinctive ‘aura branding’, viewing life, emotions, and music as colors rather than mere concepts. Her lyrics challenge archetypes that many girls in her generation can fall into, and pushes to fight against any preconceived notions of herself and the people around her.

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