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Igor Anicic - 'Positivo'

Igor Anicic is a Croatian based pop artist most known for his multilingual expressions in 6 languages and a variety of genres that he writes his songs. With a lot of positivity, singable hooks, and catchy melodies, his music draws influence from various artists like Ed Sheeran, Sting, Bob Marley, Maná and others. His project "Songs for the World" shows a genuine desire to inspire peace and to spread a lot of positive energy during these strange times.

With his lead single "We Got to Stay Together" Igor Anicic bears a sound that serves as a rallying cry for the betterment of society, reminding that the way to the end of the global crisis isn't a singular journey. His song "Positivo" is a prime example of how he shares this message.

Igor Anicic makes sure to brighten your day with the lively sound of his track, “Positivo,” a newly released Spanish Latin pop jam. A rocking electric lead is supported by the bright panging of the keys, a grooving bass line, backed by a tight Latin beat on drums.

Entering the verse, the electric lead and keys back out, replaced by the soft fingerpicking of Spanish guitar and light strumming, allowing for Igor’s vocals to take front and center. The addition to harmonic layers of background vocals add vibrant depth to the arrangement reinforcing the positive vibes of the record. In the chorus, he sings what roughly translates to:

“This is a song that will keep you positive And bring you wherever you want to go Let's be cleaner in the whole world Better for all of us if stay all together”

“Positivo” spreads a message of unity and urges listeners to come together to make the world a better place for all. At just under three minutes long, the song goes by quickly while your enraptured in its dynamic, uplifting arrangement making want to listen again and again. "Positivo" makes a positive and memorable impact in both it's music and message.

Make sure to keep an ear out for Igor's next single "Vamos ser feliz" in Portuguese comes out on the 2nd of October, followed by a new songevery 6-8 weeks!

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