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ImJustHugo - "Offwhite or Vlone"

ImJustHugo specializes in high-octane, feel-good hip-hop music that encapsulates a pumped-up vibe perfect for your summer parties or pre-game. “Offwhite or Vlone” off of his latest project, Sndrszn, is a great way to introduce yourself to his addictive sound.

The record starts with droning, ethereal synths and ambient, crystalline bells that ping-pong across the stereo field create a distant soundscape that will draw in your ear. Not before long, grandiose 808 sub-bass drops in alongside a catchy lead synth line takes the foreground of the instrumental.

With the drop of the beat, ImJustHugo hits the track with a low-pitched, mumble-rap flow. His voice instills the record with swagger and confidence. “Offwhite or Vlone” is all about fitting yourself in high-end designer clothing and boasting it.

“Patek & Jones, Offwhite or Vlone?”

ImJustHugo infuses each bar with numerous adlibs that add quick wittiness and hip to each line. ImJustHugo sees himself as a comedic rapper, so it can be easy to think that his style is a satire on how modern rap is executed and portrayed. Satirical or not, you can tell that ImJustHugo had a lot of fun putting together the track. When listening, that same energy is transferred to you, making “Offwhite or Vlone” a track you could listen to again and again.

“Offwhite or Vlone” runs at a short 1:30 timeframe. It’s perfect for throwing into your party set and getting a quick boost in energy. ImJustHugo’s latest project, Snderszn, is loaded with quick, exciting tracks like this one, so make sure to check it out for more hyped-up tracks.

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Global plans are in the works for up and coming artists, ImJustHugo from Finland to the UK...stay tuned!

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