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Irina Imme - 'I Don't Want U In My Life'

Written by Brandon Watts and Staff

Irina Imme’s “I Don’t Want U In My Life” is a bedroom, synth-pop jam that you will be addicted to after your first listen. Spacey synth chords open the track with electric vocalizes from Imme. With the start of the first verse, Imme shines in the spotlight with soft airy vocals with a spark of attitude as she entrances listeners through memorable melodies.

Building into the chorus, the arrangement switches up to a grungy timbred monophonic synth as a long EDM style sweep gradually crescendos into a huge drop. Percussion, bass, and a soundscape of synths pour energy into the first chorus making it a moment you’ll want to hear again and again.

Irina chimes in with witty and charming ad libs that gives the song it’s own persona and character making it stand out as an Irina Imme song and not just another pop song. After the chorus, a bright synth motif takes the lead adding yet another unforgettable aspect to the arrangement.

“I Don’t Want U In My Life” has that addicting pop quality that you can replay again and again while offering something quirky and unique that makes it a fresh music experience that listeners are sure to love. Make sure to give the song a listen and keep up with the latest news on Irina Imme!

About Irina Imme

An independent singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who mastered several different musical genres, Irina Imme has written over 200 original songs to date and attracted audiences from over 70 different countries with her catchy, original material. Irina released 2 singles entitled "When I Was Young" and "A Sky of Gray" under the name Irina Atanasiu before releasing her 4-track EP entitled "This Little Girl" on all music platforms. The tracks on Irina's EPs explore themes such as heartbreak, bullying, loss, anxiety and depression. Irina's songwriting has earned its comparisons to Tyler Joseph, Marina Diamandis, John Lennon and early Taylor Swift. Only several weeks after releasing her EP, Irina Imme started to appear in popular music magazines such as "Indie Spoonful" and "Skope." Irina's songs have topped the charts on ReverbNation for alternative music in Brussels, and her song "When I Was Young" was charting at #1 on WNIR National Indie Radio for the month of March 2020. Earlier this year, Irina has also been interviewed live on "Black Sky Radio."

Irina played prestigious live music venues such as "Luna - The Home of Live Music" in London and "DuDa Live Music Lounge" in Bucharest. She also enjoys recording covers, travel vlogs and unreleased songs on her YouTube channel "IrinaImme," where she gained over 650 subscribers to date. Irina released a single titled “I Don’t Want U in My Life” in late 2020 and aims to release her second EP in December 2020.

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