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Iryne Rock - 'Let It Rise To You'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Iryne Rock is an inspirations/Christian artist who offers songs that will renew your soul. With a style of music and vocal performance that captivates fans of multiple genres, Iryne opens spiritual hearts as she invites listeners to deeply connect to her music and message. A firm believer in the word of God, Iryne gave her life and musical purpose to Christ. From an early age, she has been involved in choir singing where she developed her vocal and songwriting skills. Currently, Iryne serves as the Youth Pastor and Worship Leader at her local church in Maryland. Her song "Let It Rise To You' is a great example of the power of Iryne's music.

Warm and upbeat African poly-rhythmic percussion introduce Iryne Rock's bright and soulful vocals in her inspirational song "Let it Rise to You." Her heavenly praise will uplift you in gratitude for God's grace. Iryne and her co-songwriter and Producer Billy Smiley created a dynamic arrangement and creatively produce an inspiring song using symphonic and West African instrumentation. Including a mbira, a West African finger harp, flute, and trumpet to play embellishments throughout the song which is ingenious.

There is a slow build-up to the chorus as the choir breaks out in tight harmony as Iryne sings the memorable melody. A well-conceived horn section adds an R & B flavor and proclaims the words with bravato.

“Let your praise

Never cease from my lips

Let the sacrifice I give

Let it rise to you,

I’ll worship you forever

I’ll give to you forever

I’ll worship you forever

I’ll live for you forever.”

Sometimes in life, you don’t get what you want, but you do get what you need. Iryne Rock wrote “Let it Rise to You” during a time when her life wasn't going the way she expected, so she shifted her focus to God. When she relied on God's plan and not her own, she had her breakthrough. The choir sings the chorus in rapture with Iryne, as she belts in accolades for God. Her heavenly voice and message will fill your heart with joy, hope and praise.

When we find ourselves in the darkness, we don't always know how to turn on the light. In "Let it Rise to You," Iryne Rock shows us how we can turn on the light through a highly convincing and passionate vocal performance that cascades over powerful harmonies and lyrics that resonate with authenticity. Iryne looks beyond her material desires and gives God recognition for her blessings, and God's plan is leading her in a life full of grace. Her success as an accomplished artist and songwriter is a testimony of a purpose-filled path and her gift is phenomenal music. Iryne Rock is quickly emerging as a Christian artist ready for the world stage.


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