• Bryon Harris

Jackson Reed - "The Walk"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“The Walk” is an instant groover. Your body will instinctively start to move and dance when this song plays. An intricately layered percussion track creates a perfect foundation over which catchy and memorable melodies can fly. A persistent bassline and edgy guitar lines underscore Reed’s expressive vocals. All elements converge to create an undeniable groove in this instant classic.

Lyrically, “The Walk” is a call to action.

“Come on over, I’ll set you free, if you want to be with me, baby does the walk.”

Reed’s delivery is timeless and energetic, giving the lyrics a believability that elevates the song.

“Do the walk, do the talk...don’t ever stop talking to me.”

The infinite nature of the lyrical content meshes perfectly with the song’s undying groove.

The arrangement of “The Walk” has a singular focus…to make people dance. An effective breakdown section and subtle dynamic shifts keep the music pushing forward. Unique energy is present on this track. There is something truly fresh about this song. Listeners will love its fun attitude and undeniable feel. Just make sure you are somewhere you can dance when you listen to “The Walk.”

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About Jackson Reed

Jackson Reed was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Being inspired by artists like Bruce Springsteen and The Who, Jackson is working to follow in their footsteps by creating commercial, radio-friendly music that can be enjoyed by everyone. In 2019, Jackson’s newest single "Can You Feel the Rock and Roll" received radio play and over 20,000 plays on all platforms. He also embarked on a short tour of the United States, playing in cities like Atlanta and Nashville. In April 2021, he released a new single and video, "The Walk." The song inspired a dance that went viral on social media when influenced Gracie Jade danced on her TikTok page.


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