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James Forier – ‘Madison’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“Madison” is a fully engaging rock song by James Forier. The song begins with an electric guitar strumming and is joined by Forier’s rich vocals on the first verse.

Forier continues to be accompanied solely by the electric guitar before the acoustic guitar, bass and drums enter halfway through the verse to give the song an exciting, dynamic lift. James' engaging performance and pristine arrangement draws listeners in from the start.

The song’s chorus however, is truly the highlight. With the arrival of the chorus, over-driven guitars come roaring in, doubling the melody, and leaving listeners in awe. With the bass and drums in support, the song is pure energy at this point depicting soul and emotion.

With the second verse, the song returns slightly back to earth this time featuring well executed background vocals. In addition to excellent music and arranging, “Madison” features lyrics that are genuine and easy for listeners to connect with. His lyrics paint the picture of a moment in time exploring the idea of missing someone and being set free.

"We’re on the pier by the lake breathing cold September air The stars were out the moon was full and our souls were in the air And she set me free, yeah She set me free."

“Madison” by James Forier is a song that listeners will want to listen to on repeat. In addition to the intelligent arranging and fantastic musicianship that provides a dynamic energy and wow factor to the song, Forier leave listeners in amazement of his vocal talent. This song is a must listen and a true work of art.

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About James Forier

James Forier is an original singer/songwriter whose sound ranges from laid-back southern/country to acoustic songs, to all out hard rock. Soothing soulful vocals and deeply introspective lyrics punctuate his genuine heartfelt music. James’ singles “Cover Your Eyes” and “I’ve Been Here Before” and "Madison" are available now for streaming and purchase at all popular online sites and stores.


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