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James Patrick Carey - 'Out of My Mind'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Out of My Mind”,by James Patrick Carey, begins with doubled electric guitars playing classic driving 8th note power chords with a pad floating in the background. Carey’s dynamic vocals enter with the first verse, and pulls listeners as he magnetically pulls listeners in through the whispery timbre of his expressive voice. "When you're on my mind you make me crazy Every now and then it's all I need I'm so acquainted now I like it If you take the blame I'll take the lead."

The pre-chorus begins building in anticipation for the chorus through orchestration and dynamics. When the exceptional chorus arrives, the arrangement goes full throttle and the drums and bass enter with the full groove. The guitar parts in the chorus are nicely orchestrated, with a high quarter note part entering halfway through the chorus to continue the build.

The second verse provides listeners with a fresh sonic take on the verse, this time with full instrumentation, and the drums playing a cool tom part on top of the groove sans hi hat. The arrangement is ever-engaging. After another chorus, the song enters its bridge, which features a interesting synth counter line. Carey’s passionate vocals are always front and center, while the band plays stop time figures at the end of each phrase bringing us in and out of the great groove.

The lyrics in “Out of My Mind,” are about going insane thinking about someone. Carey sings about how “When you’re on my mind you make me crazy,” and “I roll around the coast like a hurricane.” The lyric “I just need to breathe, I just need to breathe” is a standout line in the song.

“Out of My Mind” by James Patrick Carey is a true rock song. The song is wonderfully written, effectively arranged, and features incredible musicianship and vocals. Carey is very much a modern rock star, who takes the sound of rock of past decades, and runs with it with a fresh and unique take. James Patrick Carey is an artist to watch in 2020 and could easily hit the charts.

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About James Patrick Carey

James Patrick Carey started life in St. Paul, Minnesota where he began taking piano lessons at 8 years old. By age 14 he found he had a talent for singing and writing songs, and by age 20 he found himself in rock n roll bands touring the region.

He has played regularly throughout the USA, Mexico, and England; sang on countless radio jingles; and has released 3 solo records: Juliet Avenue (2002), Scoundrels & Saints (2014), and Picasso’s Brush (2018). James was also nominated for a Minnesota Music Award in 2007 (best keyboard player).

In 2008 he moved to Nashville and appeared on many records and demos as a vocalist. Over the years he’s shared stage and studio with the likes of Neal Schon and Ross Vallory of Journey fame, Doobie Brothers producer Marty Cohen, REM producer Don Dixon, world renown drummer Kenny Aronoff, film score composer Douglas Pipes, Time drummer Jellybean Johnson, Country music star Brad Paisley, and Mastering aficionado Howie Weinberg to name a few. Since 2011 sunny Southern California is where James calls home and he’s always excited to see what the next chapter will bring!


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