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Jason Damico - "Reveal Me"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Reveal Me” by Jason Damico is a powerful rock song featuring the strength and tenacity of the genre while also incorporating impressive musical moments.

“Reveal Me” hits you like a wave of pure rock n’ roll as the song opens into an uproar of drums and guitars. The drums are performed by legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (Alanis Morissette, Rod Stewart, Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, B.B. King, Delbert McClinton, Avril Lavigne and John Mellencamp). The electric guitars are loaded with drive, shredding out powerful, rhythmic chord progressions that immediately set the tone for the song. Blues-inspired melodies zip by on the guitar, played by Eric Gales, and color the robust pattern of the chords. Jason Damico’s voice acts as another instrument, adding fiery ad-libs to the intro that are packed with red-hot personality.

The intense drums and spirited guitar arrangement seem to respond to the rising energy within Damico’s melodies and vocals. Clever stops and pauses let moments of electric excitement hang in the air as the band transitions into a new section. The chorus opens wide as the instruments dip into halftime, leaving lofty space for melodic guitar riffs and soaring vocals to filter in. As Damico’s determination becomes palpable within his sharp words and gliding notes, the instruments subsequently lift and explode:

“I’m not gonna crack,

I’m not gonna fade

I’m not going back to that way…”

Jason Damico’s vocal delivery has the spirit and spunk of Billy Idol, while his tone embraces the rough belt of Steven Tyler. His voice carries much of the song’s character, as his delivery and sound are expressive and multifaceted. It carries over the animated arrangement with gripping strength, fueled by the tangible grit that growls within his words. His melodies are sometimes peppered with bluesy turnarounds, and other times committed to the fearless shout of rock.

“Reveal Me” is electric, hitting every mark of the ultimate rock anthem like a bolt of lightning. Jason Damico and his band of clever, capable musicians are the ones to watch.


About Jason Damico

High octane, blues rock, recording artist/actor, multi-instrumentalist, producer Jason Damico is an emerging and driving force in the entertainment industry. Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina this “rocking young Turk” has already racked up many awards: Carolina Music Awards Rock Male Artist of the Year and Youth Artist of the Year; Triangle Blues Society Solo Blues Challenge Winner competing in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis; Best Overall Musician Award; Youngest Member (15) of the Duke University Jazz Ensemble; Song of the Year Semi-Finalist Winner; winner of multiple music video awards, and more.

Damico’s “amalgamation” writing style, high energy, deep, powerful, baritone vocals in the vein of Jim Morrison (The Doors), Peter Steele (Type O Negative), and Johnny Cash, blended with blistering guitar riffs in the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zakk Wylde, and Jimi Hendrix, results in an undeniably, soulful swagger of a satisfyingly “new blue” sound.

Over the years this artist has had the privilege of sharing the stage or opening for world-renowned, musical greats in a multitude of genres. Some notable names include Claudette King, Joe Louis Walker, Slam Allen, Mr. Sipp, Tony Holiday, Mike Mc Kee, Vito Luizzi, Brad Russell, Galea Galea, Buddy Guy, Joe Chambers, Monty Alexander, Trae Pierce, Big Daddy Wilson, Will McFarlane, Lucky Peterson, Jason Marsalis, Ray Codrington, Vincent Gardner, Kevin Mahogany, John V. Brown, Sonny Rock, Jason Adamo, John Arthur Greene, and more. The most prodigious honor came when Jason Damico opened two pre-shows for the late great B.B. King at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

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