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Jacob Hauge Mateo ft, Ben Bushill-'Little Sparks'

Updated: Apr 25

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Little Sparks” is a sweeping and emotional piece of music. The opening chords set a beautiful musical backdrop for the song to come. A simplistic but effective melody lulls listeners into the piece. Understated percussion plays a mature role in the rhythmic persistence of this music.

Each passage is beautifully expressed with a subtly and gentle presentation. Vocal layering adds a very interesting dynamic to the music as well. This music will take listeners on an inner journey, presenting them with ample material without ever losing its wide-open feel.

The vocal explorations on “Little Sparks” are inspiring. The non-descript nature of the singing allows listeners to insert their own meaning into the music. The rich emotional tone achieved by this piece is complimented and made more meaningful by these artistic expressions. The music is well served by a searching, imploring feel.

The arrangement of “Little Sparks” is remarkably well done. Each musical idea is developed into its full potential. The use of space and repetition is instrumental in moving this music forward. Layered piano lines intersect beautifully with one another while vocal explorations find fresh melodic ideas.

The overall feeling of this music is captivating and enthralling. Listeners will go to another place when they listen to “Little Sparks.”

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