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Jay-Elle – 'Listening ft. Cenza'

Jay-Elle is known for blending folk-tronica with synth pop and dance. At a young age, Jay-Elle began writing music on the guitar and piano, and quickly became fascinated with complex vocal harmony after joining a jazz choir in school. After re-locating to New York City, he was moved by its fast-paced nature, its rhythms, and its contradictions and started to lean into music production. He cites Stevie Nicks, Bon Iver, and Kanye West as inspirations.

“Listening ft. Cenza” from Jay-Elle is a radio-ready pop hit that you will be addicted to after the first listen. Low, droning ambient synths fill the background as a catchy lead motif loops in the foreground. With the drop of a steady drum-beat, Jay-Elle takes the center stage to showcase bright, smooth vocals with a crisp timbre that will have listeners swooning.

In the chorus, the production by Jay-Elle kicks things up a notch, bringing in choppy, glitchy vocal edits that give the song an electro-pop vibe. A gradual build in the arrangement drives the pace of the record, with subtle additions of vocal harmony and growth of the soundscape.

In the final verse, Cenza makes an electric appearance perfectly complimenting Jay-Elle’s slightly somber verses with a twist of message. Cenza has a pop-perfect voice made for radio that's candy for the ears. The sweet bridge responds to Jay-Elle's reflections,

Hey boy, stop chasing those girls who wasting your time cause I'm not afraid won't play with your mind. Your truth makes me high. I'm everything that's right.”

"Listening" is a self-reflective song about leaving the past behind and seeing the amazing future that is standing right in front of you. Sometimes you have to grow out of an unhealthy relationship to truly appreciate someone who actually deserves your attention.

“Listening” is Jay-Elle and Cenza’s second collaboration together. The songwriting is on par with today's charting hits. From the universal and relatable message, to the smooth vocal deliveries and highly produced track, this song hits all the right marks, musically, lyrically, and emotionally. If you have grown past an unhealthy relationship and are looking forward to a new year with a new love - this song is for you!

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