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Jay Elle - Take a Holiday

"Take a Holiday" starts with a slide guitar that draws you in like rays of sunshine. The inviting and warm sound to Jay Elle's "Take a Holiday" is just the beginning. After the slide guitar welcomes you in, the door opens to a full island-pop groove that sounds like a breath of fresh tropical air. Not since Jimmy Buffet has a song about unwinding and leaving your cares behind felt this good to the ears.

"Need a break to clear up my mind. Need a break from the daily grind. Sipping cocktails by the pool, while the rest of the world acts a fool."

Jay Elle is a songwriter and performer who pays attention; every nuance and detail of the song's fabric has been attended to and the end result is masterful. The entire production is very tasteful yielding an award-winning, radio-ready sound that simply washes over you like a holiday at the beach. You will even hear a carefree whistling of the tune that adds to the positive vibe.

Jay Elle's vocals have an irresistible pop pureness on "Take a Holiday." His voice is down to earth and very clear as he expresses the laid-back lyrics.

Jay Elle's vocal performance speaks to us with a positive, universal appeal that flows like an easy river; he is so pleasant on the ears that his singing washes away your worries and takes you on a holiday.

"Why don't we take off and leave all this behind. Find a nice place for us to unwind. Take a holiday. Oh, take a holiday."

When a song makes you forget about time, when it takes you away from life's worries and troubles, and brings you to a place that literally relaxes the muscles in your body, eases your mind from the daily grind, and makes you smile - that is more than a good pop song or a great melody - that is art because it takes an artist to compose music that takes you away to a better place and kindles your imagination.


Based in New York City, Jay Elle is an Americana and country-pop singer, songwriter and guitarist. On his latest EP, 'Ease Up', he invites everybody to take a break from the world's craziness, at least for a while, by listening to songs that radiate a positive attitude towards life.'Ease Up' contains six tracks that present good vibes through music and lyrics that depict positive events that Jay Elle has experienced or witnessed. He invites everyone to "take things easy and take a break." For more information and great music, please visit Jay Elle's website.

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