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Jay Elle - 'Take A Holiday'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Take a Holiday” is a sunny feel-good alternative track. It’s brimming with such infectious positivity, and it feels amazing to experience its sonic palette. There is a confident momentum that this song carries throughout. The beat is strong, and the melodies are simple and quite memorable. This is the kind of song that is perfect for the summer while relaxing and feeling abundance and gratitude. The arrangement, combined with uplifting lyrics and catchy melodies, creates a truly relaxing and refreshing vibe.

Lyrically, Jay-Elle is singing about the beautiful feeling of just relaxing. In our modern world where we are pressured to constantly work and to make lots of money, it can really become overwhelming. Jay-Elle’s lyrics reminds us in such a friendly and approachable way that we need to take a break from all the chaos. “Need a break, to clear up my mind, need a break, from the daily grind, sipping on cocktails by the pool, while the rest of the world acts a fool.” It’s wonderful how encouraging his lyrics are, as he asks good questions to make you realize how much you need a break. “Why don’t we let things pile up everywhere? Now’s the perfect time we’ve done our share, why don’t we take off and leave this all behind?” Jay-Elle expertly employs clever rhymes that never feel forced and they make his melodies even more catchy.

The instrumentation of “Take a Holiday” is very light and fun. The guitars are so crisp and clean, and they feel inspired by California-type summer music. The verses are decidedly minimalistic, mostly with guitars doing rhythmic strumming over steady and thick drums and bass guitar. The guitars in the chorus and intro play such a wonderful countermelody that slips and slides and gives “Take a Holiday” it’s feel-good mood. All the melodic guitar content perfectly fits with the vocals, complimenting the main melody and embellishing it.

Jay-Elle’s voice is so tranquil and smooth. He sings with such ease and his voice has a lush quality that draws you in. The addition of whistling, a synth lead, and subtle background vocals make “Take a Holiday”a wonderful musical escape that reminds us just how good life can be.


About Jay Elle

Jay Elle is an acoustic pop singer songwriter who brings warmth and energy through diverse, well-crafted, “five star”, guitar-driven melodic songs, sprinkled with hints of folk, rock and Americana.

His soft inviting voice will uplift and soothe your spirits and his witty lyrics will provoke deeper thoughts about the world while sharing optimistic, positive, upbeat messages that will “have you carry on with your day with a smile”.

The result is amazing success worldwide, including rave reviews by over 40 blogs, magazines, DJs and radio programmers and chart topping songs across multiple genres.

Jay Elle’s latest release, the self-produced Ease Up, was mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated engineer/producer Brent Kolatalo (Lady Gaga, John Legend, Lana Del Rey, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, One Republic…) and features a collection of groovy, uplifting, guitar driven songs. All of the tracks present a positive attitude toward a life event that Jay Elle experienced or witnessed. For more information on Jay Elle, please visit his website.


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