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Jaye Wood - 'Outta Time'

Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

D.C., Maryland artist Jaye Wood

represents the return of real R & B to the music industry. His new single, “Outta Time”has a timeless R&B sound.

In "Outta Time", soulful lead vocals take center stage accompanied by lush harmonies and dynamic instrumentation.

Jaye’s vocal work is at the heart of the record with smooth melodies and vocal runs. With room to grow, Jaye’s vocals get more and more energetic with the progression of the song constantly keeping listeners engaged with his passionate ad-libs.

Instrumentally, the track's highlight is the warm sound of the Rhodes bolstered by layers of synths that add dimension with rhythmic patterns and effects that draw in listeners. The smooth and pristine instrumentation accompanies Jaye perfectly as he transitions from verse to bridge then to the chorus,

“Outta Time” is a sensual R &B song that seduces the listener. Building up to the chorus, tight, choir-like harmonies sing moving parts as Jaye echos with ad-libs. Ethereal guitars and sweeping effects help transition as the sub-bass climbs up before dropping into the chorus as Jaye sings,

“We're running outta time/They dun closed the blinds/We're outta line, but if you can stop the time/Ya found the sign/We aint outta time”

Jaye’s silky, seductive, masculine vocals glide through each lyric.The song depicts the moment when you’re alone with someone you desire, and there’s not enough time to be together us.

From start to finish Jaye Wood will have you captivated with his song “Outta Time.” He is a talented songwriter that knows how to channel emotions and sensation through a song. Jaye has a true R &B vibe that tantalizes the ears so cleverly in “Outta Time.” His seductive and honest vocals are perfect for that late-night song with your boo.

Make sure to check out Jaye Wood's website for more of his music,updates on releases, and to be a part of the return of real R&B!

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About Jaye Wood

Jaye Wood's journey started in the entertainment industry as a successful child actor (credited as  D. Jamaar). His most acclaimed roles were Young Simba in Disney's theatrical play The Lion King which premiered on Broadway, Young Wesley in Preaching to The Choir, and his appearance on The Dave Chappelle Show. Jaye Wood gets his musical influence from the 90’s R&B era; it is very clear, as soon as you hear Jaye's smooth vocals, that he is the real deal.  From his incredible falsetto to his to his rhythmic runs Jaye Wood is the voice, the songwriter, and the performer that R&B has been waiting for.


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