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JB Elwood - ‘Something in the Water’

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Something in The Water” is a fun party jam with a catchy hook and a great groove. This music is extremely smooth yet maintains an enjoyable intensity. The song unravels very naturally from beginning to end, keeping a “head bobbing” rhythm through dynamic peaks and valleys. The feel-good chorus makes you want to throw your hands in the air and sing along. The rhythm section is crisp, while Elwood’s vocals are earnest and expressive. Soaring guitar melodies support an energetic feel, while a hook-oriented lead vocal keeps listeners' interest levels high.

Lyrically, “Something in the Water” is a fresh, modern take on the classic drinking song. Elwood pays tribute to the timeless act of tossing a few back after a long day. He delivers the lyrics with a likable, easy feeling, further elevating the song.

“I feel it flowing through my veins, rushing to my face, this cold drink is my escape.”

The musical tone matches the lyrical theme perfectly, making this song impossible to resist.

“There must be something in the water makes it harder to walk away…There must be something in the water makes me wonder how long we’ll stay.”

“Something in the Water” has that classic feel-good sing-along type of vibe that is infectious. Listeners will love how the verses drop in intensity, swiftly building into a massive payoff in the pre-choruses. Backup vocals and rhythmic hits help to elevate the music with a cleverly arranged post-chorus. In-the-pocket drum fills keep the intensity up, while a screaming guitar adds an edgy vibe. This music is very well put together, giving listeners a feeling of positivity and excitement. Make sure also to check out the great video, which works as a companion piece to the song. Elwood hits it out of the park with this feel-good party anthem.


About JB Elwood

"The moment I fell in love with music was the moment I first heard Slash from Guns N’ Roses shred the guitar. I must’ve been ten years old at the time, and the opening riff from “Welcome to the Jungle” inspired me to pick up a guitar. I come from a musical family in West Virginia, where some of my relatives, including my grandpa, played the fiddle, banjo and guitar, and others sang gospel songs on the local radio station. So, instead of formal lessons, I studied the legends, like AC/DC, The Eagles, Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin, and taught myself how to read and play music.

Music became a creative outlet for me. Growing up, my parents moved my brother and me around the country, bouncing from one state to the next. I spent a majority of my life in Chicago as well as its suburbs. I have lived in Los Angeles and Nashville as well. I learned how to adapt to new places and environments.

In recent years, I’ve planted new roots in Austin, Texas, which is home for me now. Austin is a vibrant city and rich in opportunity. I fell in love with its culture and people and knew it’d be the perfect place to launch my music career.

I’m a city boy with a country heart. I’ve never forgotten my Appalachian roots. A few years before my grandpa, “Poppy,” passed away, he told me: “Son, you sure know how to pick that guitar. Stick with it and you’ll go somewhere one day with it.” He believed in me so much that he gave me his 1960’s Gibson Dove guitar, which I‘ve used to write all of my recent music.

My stage name, “JB Elwood”, is inspired by my other grandpa, John Elwood Ball, who was a small business owner and entrepreneur in the coalfields of southern West Virginia. As you can tell, my identity and sound have been shaped by family and life experiences.

My music has a pop and pop alternative sound to it with my main influences on the sound of my music being Harry Styles, John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Tom Petty, and the Eagles. I am very excited to share my songs with everyone so people can find inspiration from them and live through my music.

I work with an incredible producer based in Nashville, Tennessee named Andrew Middleton. He has been an important person in my music journey that has brought my vision to life. My music would not be the same without him.

My goal is to write and produce music that tells stories that everyone can relate to. Whether you live in a big city, the country or suburbia, my songs tell relatable stories about love, heartbreak, commitment, change, ordeals and adventures. Simply put, I want my music to be the soundtrack to your life."

For more information about JB Elwood visit his website


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