• Bryon Harris

Jean Paul - 'HVN'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

“HVN” from JeanPaul with production by The Boy is a freestyle-type record with wavy, ethereal vibes. An ambient synth spreads across the soundscape and JP opens with crisp vocalizes showcasing his stellar vocal ability through a radio-ready pop sound.

In the first section, JP kicks things off with a quick flow utilizing 16th notes that energize the bars. JP makes sure his words will stick with you reinforcing his bars with witty similes as he raps,

“What I gotta do is / Get my mind right can't lose it / Lost in my way with the fake shit / Gotta get back to the true shit / Never going back where I been though / When I feel pain that pen roll / Still stay fresh like mentos / Imma need space till I hear my echo / And I need a microphone that I can vent to.”

As the song progresses, JP attacks each section with a slight change in vibe or flow that keeps listeners engaged throughout the entirety of the song. Whether he switches up to a pop/r&b singing style or from quick witty raps to legato laid back bars, JeanPaul makes sure that he delivers his best.

In a sense,"HVN" is an exploration of musical freedom and just letting go. The song starts out with a statement that testifies to where JeanPaul has been and where he is not going back. "Get my mind right can't lose it Lost in my way with the fake shit." JeanPaul discovers his core as an artist is freedom and focus combined.

The lyrics then move on to describe a relationship he returned home to, showing that when you take a sidestep from who you love or fail to give it everything you have, you can lose it. "Moving out of state like it was 2008, then I came back home just to find out you got engaged." The song goes on to explore being true to yourself, living in the moment, and living a life without regrets.

In "HVN" JeanPaul let's the song unfold naturally using his full range of vocal capabilities (rap, pop, and R & B) to deliver a song that flows from the mic with imaginative music and thoughtful lyrics. "Putting it all in the music," JeanPaul's fast quip rap, free flow, and strong R & B sensibilities are a winning combination you will love.


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