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Jennifer Morgan - 'Pissed Off Southern Girl'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Hailing from Texas, Jennifer Morgan is a singer-songwriter who is releasing a song every other month. Her latest song,“Pissed Off Southern Girl”, will have you coming back for more.

"Pissed Off Southern Girl" is a gutsy smoking country-rock song. The song starts with smooth country-blues guitar riffs along with finger-picking bluegrass-inspired banjo. The drumbeat slowly comes in as the guitar and banjo build and the bass strikes a deep chord. The song's vibe has attitude to spare, accompanied by a strong groove.

Jennifer’s gorgeous husky vocals pierce over the rhythm section. Once the chorus comes in, the rhythm section gets wild; the electric guitar wails as Jennifer's soulful powerhouse vocals drive it home. Background vocals are icing on the cake giving the song a flowing flavor. Producer and co-songwriter Billy Smiley knows how to emphasize Jennifer’s vocal prowess and her natural blues sensibilities.

Musically and lyrically, the song is punchy. With an assertive message, "Pissed Off Southern Girl" is a reminder, and a warning, to not play around with a woman's heart. Jennifer's strong delivery declares that she will not tolerate toxic behavior. "I should have known I was gonna get burned,this will be a lesson boy, you wished you'd never learned."

"Pissed Off Southern Girl" is an anthem that empowers and inspires women to stand up for themselves. The catchy, hook-driven, chorus lays it down in the first few lines - southern women are not to be taken advantage of.

“When you walk through that door,

hit your knee, bow to this girl.

I just found her string of pearls,

and boy I'm 'bout to wreck your world,

Baby you just don’t mess,

with a pissed off Southern girl."

Jennifer Morgan is clever in conveying her message and giving an inspiring, confidence filled performance. She has electricity in her voice that hits you head-on. In "Pissed Off Southern Girl", Jennifer digs deep down into her roots and represents the strength of southern women with her unique fire. The song is raw and honest, delivered by roaring vocals and a hard rock'n country band. You can hear and feel Jennifer's authenticity in every note she sings. "Pissed off Southern Girl" showcases a bold production that has heat. This is a hot, hit single the charts would be lucky to have.

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