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Jerome Lee - 'First Peace After the Rain'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“First Peace After the Rain” is an unpredictable and joyous musical experience. A cinematic intro sets the stage for a wonderfully uplifting song. A singular artistic vision is executed beautifully on this track, resulting in something unique and engaging. Lee’s vocals are warm and strong, delivering the song’s message with a calm intensity that injects the music with infectious energy.

Lyrically, “First Peace After the Rain” is empowering and inspirational. “Endeavor to rise again, No time now to descend, And if you’re all alone, You can begin to mend.” The intensity of the music and the tranquility in Lee’s vocals bring these lyrics to life. “After the storm, earth medicine made, Stand in the peace, The first peace after the rain.” Relatable and poetic, these lyrics elevate an already great song.

Compositional and arrangement choices on “First Peace After the Rain” are amazingly satisfying. Intense drum programing and bold harmonic choices give the song a distinct voice. A catchy melody is enhanced by dense instrumental layering and a fantastic bass solo. This is a song that breaks away from convention in the best possible way. “First Peace After the Rain” will have you smiling and singing along.

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About Jerome Lee

Jerome Lee is a music industry veteran with more than four decades of experience playing electric bass, singing, songwriting, recording, touring and teaching. He has worked with a wide variety of artists that include Oscar winning musician and producer Niki Buzz, talented Japanese vibraphonist Oy Takahashi, modern jazz saxophonist Tom Borton, 80's funk rockers Urban Artillery, rising neo-soul stars TN'T, rockabilly guitar legend Jackie Lee Cochran, blues masters the King Brothers, early rock and soul pioneer Curtis Knight, and Dutch singer/songwriter Sonny Griffin. Jerome's passion for travel and love of music has taken him around the globe, performing and recording in cities as diverse as Amsterdam, Brussels, Cagliari, Casablanca, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Salzburg and Tokyo.

While living in the Netherlands, he recorded and released his own CD titled, "Life This Time", a refreshing mix of soul, jazz and r&b music. Continuing to release new music, March 2019 saw Jerome releasing a new single titled “First Peace After The Rain” that speaks to the hearts of all people in a soulful and engaging manner. Jerome is a longtime BMI member.

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