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Joe Andolino - 'Life's Little Surprises'

Review Written by Ionas Finser

A rich piano opens Joe Andolino’s “Life’s Little Surprises,” followed by glistening guitar and hip-swaying drums. The immediate mood of the song is dreamy and pleasantly retrospective. One can hear the joy and inner peace present in the confident, dreamy voice of the artist.

Andolino’s lyrics are as soothing and uplifting as the music they speak through. The artist speaks to the way in which life always has a way of turning the tables on us when we least expect it. Andolino paints a vivid picture of the beauty and reverence one can find in observing the ways our personal stories have transpired, and the learning opportunities around every corner.

“All I knew was a story A little reason with some glory No I Can’t take it back no I can’t take it back no more”

The love and good vibes Joe Andolino has poured into “Life’s Little Surprises” is tangible and contagious. We all have the gradual tendency to become close-minded, but inspired by this gorgeous track one begins to see the constant beauty in life’s serendipity. The artist has done an exceptional job in delivering a flawless, emotionally uplifting piece of music for the world to hear and enjoy for the months and years to come.

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About Joe Andolino

A native of New Jersey, Joe grew up with a variety of musical styles and influences from progressive rock, R&B and fusion. He combined those influences at the University of Southern California into the world of Film Scoring. Studying with some of the biggest names in composition and performance gave Joe a very schooled approach. Joe is also a drummer, keyboard player, songwriter, arranger and conductor. Professionally, his writing credits include some notable independent films. He has been featured in ‘Who’s Who in Composing’ four times in The Hollywood Reporter. Recently he has ventured into music directing shows and producing other artists, ‘my strongest efforts to date’, and the results have been described as ‘nothing less than electrifying’ by several critics. Jay Chattaway, celebrated television composer, has described Joe’s music as ‘commercial yet musically ambitious, the best of both’. What more could a die-hard musician at heart want to hear; music that pleases the musicians and the masses.


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