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Joe Thompson - 'Take Me Back To New Orleans'

Review by Dylan Lloyd & Staff

“Take Me Back To New Orleans” by Joe Thompson is a soulful modern jazz song that makes anyone listening to this track groove along with it. The bluesy vocals are very focused and impressively convey the lyrical message on this song as well. With rhythms that are more free at times, being a jazz tune, the rhythm section completely drives the bus with an extremely locked in performance. An engaging horn section, guitar, and keys adds great texture on this recording as well. All the musicians sound like they are having a blast.

The lyrics of this song talk about a riverboat journey from St. Louis to New Orleans and being able to take advantage of the opportunity to go to Memphis with a stop there along the way. Lyric lines such as “Heard there is gonna be a jubilee” and “Where the beer and whiskey flow free” show that this is a song about a party and having a great time in New Orleans! The add lib lyric lines at the end of this track where the band is all playing together really elevate the sound and add to the entire celebratory and carefree feeling of this city.

Overall, this track is very fun and upbeat in nature, making it an absolute joy to listen to. The high level of musicianship shines through on this stellar arrangement with a listening room of great solos and sections to highlight the performance ability of each member in this talented band. This feel-good song is about New Orleans, but it will certainly be loved worldwide!


About Joe Thompson Joe Thompson is a physician by day and a sax player by night. He graduated from the University Of Tennessee where he was able to take music classes and play in the UT Jazz Ensemble while majoring in premed.

Joe has played extensively in the Knoxville area and has also played all over the Southeast as part of Dave Landeo band; who lives in Charleston, South Carolina.


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