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John McKivergan - 'A New Day'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

John McKivergan is a writer of Christian and faith based lyrics for Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music. As a songwriter, John collaborates with studio musicians, vocalists, and producers to bring his writing to life. His songs are published and distributed on music websites, internet radio and social media. His song 'A New Day'

Staccato strings set the tone for John McKivergan’s newest Epic. As high-octane drums and expressive guitar enter the mix, the ‘Rocky’ vibe begins to settle into your bloodstream. “A New Day” means business. Throughout the song, we are introduced to two sets of powerful and emotional lead vocals, an electric guitar solo, and an overall triumphant, elated mood to tie the music together.

“A New Day” is the ultimate uplifting inspiration for music lovers, and its lyrics don’t fall short of that description. John McKivergan utilizes his advanced spiritual dedication as a means of communicating to his listeners an undeniable message of hope and joy. Through the eyes of the artist, one can observe the beauty of the Universe with fresh eyes.

"The book is closing on this day

What tomorrow brings is still not in play

There was much that I shared with you today

Time for rest stow your cares away"

Hyper-fixation on the past or the future can deteriorate one’s sense of living, and John McKivergan makes it a point to inspire a sense of inner strength and present-mindedness through both his music and lyrics. He reminds us of the things that will remain consequential with us and as the sun goes down. Behind this beautiful, epic music is evidently an artist who will do what it takes to craft a sound and message that operate on the highest level.

For more information on John McKivergan, please visit his Reverbnation page.


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