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John McKivergan - "Lost To Found"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Lost to Found” is an emotional and deeply personal song. Themes of depression and salvation are explored sensitively in this engaging piece of music. An expressive vocal melody and impactful lyrics combine to create a gripping piece of music. Shimmering production values give each instrument its own space in the mix. The overall sound of the song captures the lyrical mood perfectly, its repeating melody evoking a feeling of depression until the ending resolution.

Lyrically, “Lost to Found” is direct and honest.

“Moods of apathy can’t be ignored, Joy has gone away, without a goodbye, The question who am I has no reply.”

Anyone who has experienced depression will feel heard by these lyrics.

“Despair’s abyss can no longer hold me bound, Lord I crossed Your bridge from lost to found.”

So much hope is found in the inspirational resolution to the story.

The arrangement of “Lost to Found” evolves beautifully. The sparse instrumentation of the opening sections is effective in exposing the song’s message, while the rocking ending is uplifting and satisfying. The edgy, modern sound of the rhythm section elevates the music. Listeners will love the “payoff” ending when the melodic and harmonic themes indicate salvation. “Lost to Found” contains a sweeping narrative that explores the journey of rising from the depths of depression. A wonderful song.


About John McKivergan

John McKivergan is a writer of Christian and faith-based lyrics for Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music. As a songwriter, John collaborates with studio musicians, vocalists, and producers to bring his writing to life. His songs are published and distributed on music websites, internet radio, and social media.

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