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John Otto Young - 'Real Good Time'

Review by Daniel Hoyt & Staff

“Real Good Time” written by John Otto Young, is an overall fun party song that really sets the tone and mood from the beginning. It’s reminiscent of songs like “Rubbernecking” by Elvis or even “Happy” by Pharrell. From the very first notes, you can't help but move your body and smile. It's a feel-good song that invites you to unwind and have a real good time.

The horns and the bass set the tone in the beginning for dancing. The piece definitely has a bit of 50's and 60's nostalgia to it. It features some pretty cool references to songs like “Twist and Shout” by the Beatles.

"I wanna mashed potato / I wanna twist and shout / I wanna listen to the music / and I wanna just work it all out."

The song features John Otto Young on vocals and keyboard, Doug Bernstein on sax, Paul Opalach on bass and guitar, and Joe Sullivan on drums. Vocally, John sings in a laid-back fashion with great diction making it easy to sing along with him. Mid-way, there is a spectacular sax solo by Doug Bernstein that will knock you off your feet.

The lyrics convey the message that it's time to unwind. It doesn't matter if it's hip hop, rock, pop or disco - the bottom line is that everyone needs to let loose once in awhile and there's no crime in having a good time. This song is about getting together with your friends or your girl, having a few drinks, and dancing the night away. It's pure and simple; no matter who you are or what kind of music you are into, sometimes all you want to do is a have a real good time. John's lyrics are fun, easy-to-relate to, and universal.

John Otto Young knows how to get the party started with this killer track. It takes the listener back to a time where the weekends were about hitting the dance-floor with your sweetheart. With "Real Good Time" John has created a timeless, fun sound that only a real square wouldn’t get down to; this song and it’s catchy tune and beat immediately drives the listener to their feet. "Real Good Time" is contagious and that's a real good thing.

"Real Good Time" is just one of the great songs of John Otto Young's 12-song album, Sunset Tour. For more information, visit Visit John's Website or listen on Spotify.


About John Otto Young

John Otto Young is a Connecticut keyboardist, musician, and songwriter who has been playing and recording in a number of projects over the last 6 decades. As a weekend music warrior, he co-founded the Center Street Band in 1989. In addition to performing great cover music, they focused their efforts on original songwriting and released two su ccessful albums (both co-produced by John), “Reason for Living” (1993), and “Take You for a Ride” (1996).

Since 2011, John has been the keyboardist with Howard Eldridge (former vocalist with Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy) and the Soul Potatoes, which also features 2016 BMA award nominee and Connecticut Blues Hall of Fame lifetime award inductee, Paul Gabriel.

In 1999, John had the honor of playing keys with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Hilton Valentine of the Animals and Rick Rivets, founding member of the New York Dolls.

Currently, John devotes most of his time to his music, including songwriting, recording, session work, and playing live with the Soul Potatoes and other acts. As he puts it, “The best part of what I do now is collaborating with others. Music is inspiring, and unlike myself, it never gets old”.

Sunset Tour, released in May 2019, is John’s debut solo album and represents a range of musical styles and influences that have infiltrated his brain for the last 60 plus years.


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