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Jonny Porter - 'Weekend Accident'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Weekend Accident” begins with an epic guitar riff and an adrenaline rush causing drum beat. A drone like guitar part enters halfway through the intro to create more intensity and to glue together the extremely rhythmic intro.

After much anticipation, Porter enters with his signature vocals on the first verse to a scaled back arrangement of single tracked rhythm guitar, and drums with more space. He sings about drug addiction with the harrowing line of, "As my faith leaves, and the wind blows, find my self on a table with a tag on my toe..."

The second half of the verse brings driving single guitar notes that propel the song into the chorus. The intense groove from the intro returns along with added background vocals to the arrangement. Following the chorus, the song heads into another verse which presents a playful staccato second guitar part in place of the driving single notes from the first verse.

Porter has paid thoughtful attention to the arrangement to ensure an engaging musical experience. After another chorus, the song heads in a new direction with an instrumental section beginning with the harmonized guitars playing staccato eighths. The drums then re-join to build the arc of the bridge towards the final chorus.

The lyrics in “Weekend Accident” are simple and direct, yet they speak volumes, and will have listeners hanging on to every word.

"I want it all and I want it now- I’m gonna shake it up, tie it off, and push it down."

“Weekend Accident” by Jonny Porter is the definition of a complete piece of music. It has great melody and harmony serving as the platform for its deep lyrics. Wrapped up together with an effective arrangement, the song brilliantly uses tension and release to evoke emotion from the listener. With this song, it is evident that Porter is a master at his craft as both a songwriter, and performer.

The video to "Weekend Accident' opens with the words "Jon...Jon...Oh shit. Somebody call 911." The viewer sees an image of a needle, a body on the floor, and toy snowmen in the background. At the end of the video, statistics about Opioid related deaths appear in white print on a black screen. In "Weekend Accident" Jonny is not only sharing his personal experiences, he is raising awareness about a serious disease that needs more support and attention.

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