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Jordan Moore - 'Up North'

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Up North” is a gritty and exciting country anthem. The groove on this song is downright dirty, and Moore’s vocals have star power. This tune belongs on mainstream country radio but maintains its own unique sound within the overall style by keeping a seriously sharp edge. The band seems equally comfortable playing rock and country, and this track blends the two styles together very well. The production value is sky high, and Moore has a charisma that brings this tune to life. “Up North” is like a shot of bourbon, smooth as hell, but it packs a serious kick.

Lyrically, “Up North” has all the hallmarks of a country sing-along. Moore proudly outlines his identity with conviction.

“I’m a Southern Comfort up north redneck, Baptized by the winter, Raised by saints and sinners.”

Moore delivers impressive power with his low-register vocals.

“It ain't about how much you’ve been given, You’re chasing dreams you’re driven, Hard work makes a living…up north.”

The arrangement of “Up North” is brilliant. Stylistic acoustic slide tracks mix together with a rock-oriented distorted electric guitar to create a fresh feel within timeless music. The songwriting is lean and clever, expertly setting up the huge chorus without an ounce of fat. A killer guitar solo injects yet another layer of energy into this track, already a banger, before kicking the dial all the way up and shifting to a double-time feel. There is a toughness in this music that will appeal to the modern-day hard-working country music fan. This is the perfect tune to play while you crack a beer and kick off the weekend with a bang.


About Jordan Moore

Jordan Moore's story is about second chances and wrong turns, crazy coincidences, and divine intervention. As a kid, Moore was a small-town football standout with a strong music foundation who grew up to be a man who put a thriving musical career on the back burner in favor of a more stable job as a manager of a Nashville car dealership. There, the talented singer/songwriter with a big voice and movie star looks was discovered again. His debut single “Hard at Quittin” points at his unwavering philosophy – “Quitting is not in my DNA. I may fail once or twice, but I will never, ever quit.”

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