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Joseph Milauskas - 'Getaway'

Review Written by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Sometimes all you want to do is get away for the day and clear your mind as expressed in Joseph Milauskas' new song "Getaway" from his album Sunset Paradise. "Beat the traffic on the way down. Surfs up in Malibu, burning daylight on the 101."

A funky organ introduces the melody as the muffled drumbeat sets the groove. There's a contagious Panic at the Disco and One Direction pop vibe to "Getaway," with it's steady drumbeat and pop-perfect vocals. The song blazes through the chorus as the guitar, organ, and rhythm section smoothly transition through the verses. Joseph's tight mixing style and pop electronic effects give the song a unique edge that combines pop, dance, and a party at the beach sound.

We all have a memory of a place where we simply had a great time. "Getaway" is about that special place that took your breath away. Joseph's inspiration was the time he spent in Los Angeles. He sings about the west coast vibe in the pre-chorus, "I've been jumping over fences, Breaking my back just to get off the ground. I think I'm running out of chances. Speeding up time just to slow it down." Joseph has the ability to engulf you into his world, through sound and lyrics, and it's an incredible musical high. The catchy chorus is a sing-a-long. With your windows rolled down, as you head to your favorite destination, whether it's a physical location or just a place in your mind, the song helps you get there. In this section of the song, Joseph's vocals show an incredible range as he sings some nice notes with style. Background vocalese adds to the uplifting feeling.

“I need to get away I need a place clear my mind I need to get away I need a west coast sunset paradise I need to get away.”

Joseph's artistry is energetic, and his production is dynamic; the final mix and master is pristine. The energetic electric guitar riffs and the boom of ambient electronic sounds with clear transitions from verse to chorus impact the song's intense pop style. In "Getaway", Joseph shows that he has a refreshing and original vision for his music, and he masters it vividly.

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About Joseph Milauskas

Joseph Milauskas is from the small town of Middle Village, Queens, New York. He grew up listening to music and was writing songs by the time he was 8 years old which continued through high-school where he attended an all boy's seminary where he gained an appreciation for the simplicity of music. He briefly attended Queens-borough Community College, but left after a year and would go on to work multiple jobs while making music on the side writing songs from personal experiences. Inspired from trips around the United States, primarily a brief trip to Los Angeles, he recorded and released his new EP titled "Sunset Paradise" in June 2020.


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