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Josh Christina - 'Rock Star'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Josh Christina offers a rock n’ roll revival that’s been praised by some of the genre’s founding members. In 2015, Christina caught the ear of famed producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), and his sophomore project Good Old Love—featuring the radio charting single “Kayla Ann”—served as his official introduction to Nashville. Following the release, Josh Christina toured overseas and made his international television debut on Ireland's Late Late Show. Josh Christina ended 2019 with more than 130 tour dates under his belt and kicked off 2020 with the release of his single and video “Rockstar.”

Josh Christina opens up with a bluesy piano and smoky vocals in his song “Rock Star.” Reminiscent of artists like Elton John and Billy Joel, Josh immediately takes you to a place where timeless music thrives. "Rock Star" is a song that fans of every genre, age, and demographic will fall in love with. A shuffling drum beat keeps the rhythm section tight and in the pocket creating a nice, swaying groove. As Josh enters with his smooth tenor vocals, the rockabilly angel choir flutters in your ears. Everything opens up more as the song slowly progresses toward the chorus. The church organ, blues guitar, and rhythmic percussion rock on as the lead vocals belt out the chorus.

We all have a dream to achieve what we love to do. In "Rock Star" Josh Christian not only describes the glamour of being a rock star, he captures the excitement of stardom. There's a slight meloncholy tinge, very slight, but it picks up on the heartfelt feeling of yearning for your dreams to come true. While every young boy "wants to be a fireman, astronaut, auto- repairman", Josh wanted to be on stage rocking people off their feet, and he does just this in "Rock Star" as he sings the catchy chorus:

“I wanted to be a rock star, out on the stage,

rockin’ it for people of every age,

I’d have a posy or some groupies,

people screaming one more song.

Between the fans and the band,

I wanted to be a rock star.”

“Rock Star” encompasses the feeling of being on top of the world and adored by millions. Writing about the passion and drive it takes to achieve your dreams, Josh has captured the connection between artist and fans, and the desire to be recongized. His fiery artistry inspires throughout with an unforgettable, timeless performance.

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