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Josie Bello - 'Happy Independence Day'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Happy Independence Day" is a comical piece of satire that will put a smile on your face while also making you think about the current state of affairs. The bouncy tempo and precise instrumental playing shine a spotlight on the snarky lyrics which give this song its driving energy. Production values are sky high, and all performances are spot on. While understated and humorous, this is an absolute killer of a song.

Lyrically, “Happy Independence Day" illuminates the problems that face many modern Americans. “Saved 20 years to send your kid to college, now he’s a barista with graduate knowledge.” Bello sings these lyrics with a wink and smile, endearing herself to the listener. “So, Happy Independence Day, we’re gonna celebrate the American way, With beer in our glasses and our heads up our…Happy Independence Day.” There are certainly lots of laughs in this sharp critique.

The arrangement of “Happy Independence Day" utilizes classic roots textures to paint a timeless picture. Phenomenal acoustic and electric guitar playing sits over top of a rock-solid rhythm section.

Bello is smooth and confident in her delivery, allowing the melodies to drift along with the music while placing clarity into each lyric. A guitar solo and back-vocals round out the sound on this fun track. “Happy Independence Day" will bring you up while bringing you down. Clever and insightful…overall an important and enjoyable song.


About Josie Bello

Josie Bello is a songwriter originally from NYC, now living on Long Island with her husband Frank Bello. Josie writes songs that are memorable because of their relatable lyrics and catchy tunes. In addition to providing the lead vocals on her tracks, frequently adds piano, organ and the hallmark sound of her little red accordion.

Josie describes songwriting as her passion, and can usually be found picking up a guitar at home fussing with a new tune that has suddenly come to mind. Josie works with Country & Americana recording artists --developing songs for them that match their vocal style and preferences.

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