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Josie Bello - 'Magic of Music'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Magic of the Music” by Josie Bello is a lively blues anthem, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the bright, uplifting arrangement and lyrics full of personality.

With the lively twang of a rich blues guitar lick, “Magic of the Music" launches us into the verse. Immediately bursting with danceable energy, the mix is filled to the brim with driving drums, a bright, percussive acoustic guitar, and the resonant electric, laying a dynamic foundation for Josie Bello’s vocals. Bello’s voice takes on a character of its own, animated in its smooth slides and punchy articulation. Almost forming a sort of conversation with the vocals, the electric guitar fills the space at the ends of phrases with compelling riffs, urging the song forward. Surrounded by such lush, bright arrangement, even singing about heartache and pain can’t take the enchantment out of this blues tune:

“Three chords hold despair so neatly

Pain fills the air so sweetly

That’s the magic of the music

When I’m singing the blues”

The chorus ensues with a wave of background vocals, washing over the buoyant instrumentals and lifting the excitement of the track up even higher. You can’t help but sing along with Josie Bello and the chorus of spirited vocals, as they slide over the array of guitars, drums, and a vivid organ. “Magic of the Music” embodies its own message, radiating with boisterous energy in the unique way that blues music inevitably exhilarates a crowd. Bello invites listeners to lose themselves in the magic of the music, and let their worries melt away:

“Share the pain

Make your sorrow fall like rain,

Sing the blues, lighten your load”

In classic blues fashion, two perfectly harmonizing guitars propel us out of the chorus, bursting with personality and spirit. The bridge ventures away from the established form, letting fresh chords ring out with the resonating twang of the guitars. With this moment away from the rhythmic, tireless energy of “Magic of the Music”, the tension begins to build as the guitars echo the striking harmony. Finally, the chorus breaks through and resolves with one last celebration of bouncy vocals, melodic guitars, and driving drums.

“Magic of the Music” by Josie Bello is a lively, animated track, packed with boisterous instrumentals and energetic lyrics. A guaranteed escape from your troubles, “Magic of the Music” lets you lose yourself in the magic of the blues. Listen on Spotify


About Josie Bello Josie Bello’s songs tell stories with themes that are at once timely and timeless. She sings from the heart and reveals so much of herself through her music. Reviewers have compared her to Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris & Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Josie’s two studio albums “Have Purpose Live Long” (2020) and “Can’t Go Home” (2018) have received extensive U.S. & International radio play with the albums and individual tracks appearing on radio charts including the Roots Music Report Chart, the Folk Alliance International Chart, the Euro Americana Chart and the Americana Albums Chart. Josie Bello was born and raised in NYC. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband Frank Bello. She is active on the Long Island Music Scene, runs several open mics, and plays as both a solo artist and with her band “The Kit House Band” which includes her husband Frank on bass.

For more information about Josie Bello, please visit her website.


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