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"JUICE" Davis, Jr. featuring Cassandra Browning (Cassie B) - 'Bonafide Country Girl'

“Bonafide Country Gal” is an attitude packed jam that is fiery and fun. The intro gives a false start, beginning with a calm and clean guitar riff that almost immediately switches over to a big-time rocking vibe with heavy drums. This wonderfully reflects “Bonafide Country Gal’s” lyrical concept, which is a proud and confident feminist anthem. The instrument and vocal stylings are calling upon the classic stylings of country-rock, and it does so with absolute style.

Lyrically, JUICE wrote this song to remind the ladies that women can do anything that men can do as well. JUICE’s lyrics are written in a way that's serious and uplifting, yet they are also loose and fun. The song brings to light how women can have a feminine side, yet still play tough with the men. “I’m about to tell you just who I am, I ride my ol’ John Deere in the Texas sun, I wrestle cowboys and alligators just for fun, but there’s a feminine side, I like pretty things, Gucci blue jeans and diamond earrings.” The lyrics also incorporate a tasteful amount of innuendo, just to get some hearts racing. “Hell, yeah, squeeze me right, and you can be my boo, hell, hell yeah, you can meet me in the boardroom at half past two.”

The instrumentation of “Bonafide Country Gal” is simple and straight to the point, but they really show up and rock hard from start to finish. The drums are so lively and expressive. They bring the energy to this song and know when to bring the energy back down, even if only for a brief moment. The drum fills are very exciting and perfectly lead the band into the next section. All the guitars aptly fill out the arrangement with fun rhythmic strumming and tasty licks that pack a punch. On top of these heavy rocking instruments is the vocal track is vibrant and incredibly expressive bringing a strong sense of vivacity to the track. “Bonafide Country Gal” is a hell of a good time and it’s got a great message for all the ladies out there.


About Juice

An incredibly unique childhood blessed Julius with two godly parents who were second-generation educators and musicians, and he quickly followed into the “family business,” of directing and accompanying the church choirs of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1963, Julius’ parents moved from New Orleans, Louisiana to Cleveland, Ohio were they quickly found employment as music teachers in the Cleveland Public Schools. Young Julius was immediately enrolled in the Cleveland Music School Settlement, a renowned community music institution, where he formally began his music education in Classical Piano and Music Theory. His teachers immediately recognized his prodigious talent for the piano, and he studied there for the next ten years. Upon his graduation from Shaw High School in 1974, he attended Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) on a full music scholarship, until his graduation from that institution in 1978, with a Bachelor of Music Degree. The influence of his parents and their involvement in the church music ministry heavily influenced Mr. Davis during his post-college years, resulting in him accompanying the church choirs led by both his parents, as well as composing original music arrangements in the traditional gospel and contemporary gospel music genres. In 1979, Julius began to compose his own pop, R&B, and dance songs, and after several years of submitting these songs to various record companies and music publishers, his song, “STRIVE,” was recorded by the internationally known R&B/Disco artist, GLORIA GAYNOR. The song appeared on Ms. Gaynor’s album, “I AM GLORIA GAYNOR,” as well as hitting the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart (#86) in the Summer of 1984. Mr. Davis continues to write various genres of music, and his goal is to become a Grammy and Oscar winning composer for film and television. In 2009, Mr. Davis’ original African-American spiritual, “DONE SET MY MIND ON JESUS,” was performed in concert by the Tuskegee University Golden Voices Choir. One of Juice’s original Country songs,“BONAFIDE COUNTRY GAL,” is a part of a new virtual music platform based out of London, England called Concerto XL.

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